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  1. wxtrendsguy

    Dispensa-matic Bottlematic II

    16" Bottle-matic II used 1 season. Also has the automatic bottle detector. Can apply both front and back label. Brand new was $2350. Great label applicator for the super serious hobbyist or small winery, cider house, microbrew or distiller just starting out. Looking for $1600 + shipping.
  2. wxtrendsguy

    Commercial Vineyard Owner Opinions

    Looking at a Rinieri AI 15 or the Braun LUV primarily for hilling and downhilling winter protection and secondarily weeding during the summer. Moving away from roundup use if possible. Pros of the Braun: Looks to be heavy duty comes with cultivator blade many additional attachments...
  3. wxtrendsguy

    Hilling up

    Looking for suggestions for implements to use to hill up the vines in November. No one else around here uses this practice but I am getting tired of replacing 30% of my vineyard every year. Time to do what works in the Finger Lakes and Ontario....they grow the same vinifera as I so may as well...
  4. wxtrendsguy

    GAI 6 bottle Filler

    Selling a GAI 6 bottle gravity filler from Prospero. Also have a 90 gal Nalgene tank with stainless steel bulkhead 1.5" TC fitting and a multi tiered table to allow gravity feed of wine to the filler. Its a pretty slick setup...and if you get good at it you can average about 600 bottles per...
  5. wxtrendsguy

    TTB Proposed regulation 160 and 160B

    Does anyone know the status of the proposed regulation that TTB made in 2016 and then reopened the comment period in 2017 through early 2018. What I have read from earlier this year was that a decision was going to be coming in a few months...well that was 7 months ago. For those that are not...
  6. wxtrendsguy

    Bottle Matic Label Applicator

    Almost new (ok less than a year old) Dispensamatic Bottle Matic label applicator. We purchased in January and have been using it for this most recent bottling season. Works very well and once you get it dialed in you can label a lot of bottles. Why are we selling? We were unexpectedly offered...
  7. wxtrendsguy

    Bulk bottle storage for aging

    Stacking bottles for bulk storage and aging is a fun little exercise. We are currently using steel wire cages from U-Line that can hold up to 4000 lbs and are stackable. We can get about 800 bottles in a cage that is 48"Lx40"Wx42"H. Has anyone come up with any other innovative methods of...
  8. wxtrendsguy

    If you ever wondered why certain areas in the East grow grapes

    If you ever wondered why certain areas in the east can grow vinifera grapes here is your answer and we can thank the Great Lakes, Appalachian Mountains, and the Atlantic Ocean. Across the east if your soil is favorable for grapes and you do not live in the grey or Aqua colored areas you can...
  9. wxtrendsguy

    Cyli-size Lab01 Manual Bottle Label Applicator

    Selling used Cyli-size Lab01 Manual Bottle Label Applicator. 2.5 yrs old and in great condition. Perfect for the micro winery just starting out or the serious hobby maker. We are just outgrowing it and time to move on to something automated. Asking $350 plus shipping. Brand new price from...
  10. wxtrendsguy

    Designing a simple system to create a submerged cap in a macrobin

    Been thinking of designing a simple perforated plate of stainless or plastic that could be held down in place submerging the cap just below the surface. The screen would still need to be removed twice a day to allow for a punchdown as the cap will eventually be too compacted against the screen...
  11. wxtrendsguy

    Ideas to drive weekday traffic at the tasting room.

    We have found that during the non-summer season tasting room traffic falls off a cliff on weekdays. So looking to share ideas to drive weekday traffic. The one idea we have so far is to offer free tasting on weekday's... Anyone have any other ideas...
  12. wxtrendsguy

    Lancman VSPI-X250 Bladder Press For Sale

    Used two season's and in great condition. Perfect for the boutique winery or serious home hobby. Can process up to 1/2 ton of must or crushed fruit...if real patient can get up to 3/4 ton inthe machine. Put on the cap, turn on the water very slowly and this machine will product a yield of...
  13. wxtrendsguy


    Greetings everyone. I want to introduce my wife and I, Dana and Rich. We are opening a new winery here in the Allentown, PA area in 2014. The winery is called Weathered Vineyards. We have 3 acres planted with Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, and NY81 (CayugaxRiesling). Will...
  14. wxtrendsguy

    Too much gas in the bottle

    Tried my hand at a Shiraz this time around and obviously I didn't get all the gas out before bottling. No I haven't had any explosions nor have I had to redecorate my cellar but after opening a bottle after 1 year it was aweful. Anyway to degas it in the bottles and then recork them and let...