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    Must temperature

    I pitched the yeast for a batch Merlot and Cab 2 nights ago and would like the temp to get up to 86° then bring it down a bit to finish to extend the fermentation. What does everyone use as their "temperature"? The cap is obviously warmer, so is that the temp taken or once everything is mixed?
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    Rose wine

    I am currently adjusting the must of a rose wine I am making (saingee). The question I have is should I let it settle and remove any sediment? Is there benefits to leaving it in and just keeping it in suspension during fermentation?
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    Upcoming season help

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a bit of guidance on my wine making process. The plan so far: Because I live in Edmonton Alberta, I cannot be picky with what I get for grapes. The local grocery store imports them from the Lodi region (I believe). I will have no clue what condition they are...