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  1. Tnuscan

    Other Noblesse test on kit

    Ok,... some may remember that I have this smell/taste issue with kits. Maybe it's my body chemistry, who knows. lol. After studying Nobleese, I thought I would give this a try. I know kits aren't supposed to be added to, but I pulled a gallon so I could do a test to see if it would remove the...
  2. Tnuscan

    Cynthiana Second Run

    Starting with a pH of 3.85 this was brought down to 3.58 and at 6 months is as enjoyable as some nice wines I drink at 20+ dollars a bottle. I remember saying after mlf finished I wouldn't ever do a second run again. Boy am I eating my words tonight.
  3. Tnuscan

    Potassium Carbonate vs Potassium Bicarbonate post fermentation.

    Which do you prefer/use after fermentation and why? Most articles speak of Pot. Bicarbonate, but not as much info on Pot. Carbonate.
  4. Tnuscan

    Newest Threads

    It would be nice for Newest Threads to update in real time. Is this possible?
  5. Tnuscan

    SO2 In Reds

    Last nite I set down to read the new threads/posts. Before I did I popped the cork on one of my favorites, a local 2009 Cynthiania dry red . I poured a glass and was letting it breathe. I was reading one of Johnd's posts and was in the process of posting a reply. I decided to take a sip and I...
  6. Tnuscan

    Best pH for Reds

    What Reds do you make, and @ what acid level, pH and/or TA, are you aiming for when making them?
  7. Tnuscan

    Lowering TA

    To lower TA from 9.8 g/L to 8.8 g/L for 6 gallons, will I need to add 15.29grams of K-BiCarb.?
  8. Tnuscan

    Would it be wise???

    The wine is Bronze Muscadine with a pH of 2.9. Would it be wise to add Potassium BiCarbonate to muscadine? And then cold stabilize it? Has anyone done this before?
  9. Tnuscan

    Is this a contradiction??

    Cold Stabilization Cold stabilization is tricky! The procedure involves placing the wine in cold storage at a temperature between 25° and 40° F (-4° and 4° C) for a minimum of three weeks and then racking it. This has the effect of precipitating the tartaric acid as potassium bitartrate salt...
  10. Tnuscan

    Sugar and pH

    Lets say you've tested the must of your grapes, the pH is 3.2 , Brix is 19. I want to raise the Brix to 22 so I add the sugar needed in a small amount of the must to desolve the sugar, then pour it back in. Will this make the must more acidic since it will be going through fermentation? Or...
  11. Tnuscan

    My First Crush !

    On 8/16 brought home 150 lbs. of Noiret, 100 lbs. were crushed and destemmed, 50 pnds. were destemmed and crushed by hand. Brix was at 18. The 100 lb. batch was raised to 22 Brix, and the 50 lb. batch was raised to 24 Brix. The pH was 3.3 and the TA was 7.5 g/L, must was sulfited and let sit...
  12. Tnuscan


    Pneumatage, A interesting technique with cap management during fermentation... and maybe beyond.
  13. Tnuscan


    I'm going to be making some Chambourcin this fall. I've been told this one tends to be a little acidic. I need lots of info on your experiences, thoughts, opinions and suggestions. All help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  14. Tnuscan

    Favorite Blends and their ratios

    Was just thinking how neat it would be for everyone to share their favorite blended wines and the ratios used when blending them. This would be so helpful, fun, and save a lot of us from making huge mistakes. Thanks in advance! Cheers!!!
  15. Tnuscan

    WineXpert Island Mist Coconut Yuzu Pinot Gris

    I'm thinking of trying this one. Can anyone share their thoughts or opinions on this kit? Like what the level of the coconut is like? Thanks!
  16. Tnuscan

    Questions about a Merlot

    I purchased several Merlots, by different makers, to drink and compare. One was given 89 points beside the price display. The aromas were spot on, everything seemed to be there. The taste had good flavors, but was a little different than normal. Checked the pH @3.6, went back to drinking, during...
  17. Tnuscan

    Other Experienced Kit Makers Needed.

    I have noticed different opinions and techniques and really want to get a broader picture of how and why. How do you make Wine kits? Do you follow the instructions to the T? Do you leave out the stabilizing procedure, (sorbate, and fining agents) and let it clear on its own? Do you rack...
  18. Tnuscan

    Mlf testing

    Does anyone use or has anyone heard great reviews on the Vinmetrica SC-50 MLF Analyzer? I was planning on getting a SC-300 and was wondering if this addition was recommended for testing for MLF completion? Thanks
  19. Tnuscan

    WineXpert Anyone know for sure???

    I make a lot of Kit Wines and most all of them have this smell of a light sourness and a taste that's similar. I've studied up on bentonite to see if this could be the culprit, and their packets to stabilize and clear. My fruit wines do not have this nuisance. So I was thinking it might be from...
  20. Tnuscan

    WTB small neutral oak barrels

    Looking for 10l to 23l neutral oak barrels.