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  1. FABulousWines

    I Love You

    A man is sitting on a porch with his wife drinking wine. She says "I love you." He says "is that you or the wine talking." She says "that was me talking to the wine." :dg
  2. FABulousWines

    Maybe this belongs in the Joke Forum...

    "Antique" 5 gallon glass carboy in an antique store we visited in VA. Crappy phone pic, but the price on the tag is $79.00; they must be very proud of it:
  3. FABulousWines

    A real productive weekend

    I had a real productive weekend. Spent some time Saturday filtering and bottling the Watermelon White Merlot using the All In One pump. How easy! I used the Portuguese floor corker for the first time. Wow, it exceeded my expectations. It took about 5 bottles to get the cork set to the...
  4. FABulousWines

    Why are wines better with age?

    I had a lengthy discussion with a friend this weekend on wine making. He was very interested and I think he may just bite the bullet. There was only one question I had difficulty answering. It is generally accepted and known for a long time that wine tastes better with age. But why? What...
  5. FABulousWines

    Marbles, Are these OK?

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000UJC8JC/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 There seems to be at least 4 schools of thought concerning air space in the carboy: 1) Add water 2) Add wine, commercial or from another batch 3) Add marbles or something similar to take up space 4) Rack down to smaller...
  6. FABulousWines

    Looky what showed up for Father's Day

    Also got a $50 gift cert to the LHBS! Yeah, my peeps support my hobby! I may have a batch ready for bottling this weekend...
  7. FABulousWines

    Cellar Craft OK, I wished I hadn't done that

    The Argentine Malbec has been on the Hungarian cubes for two weeks, so I took a taste. I wished I hadn't done that. IT IS SO GOOD, OMG! A very smooth, smokey flavor, with excellent mouth feel. I don't know how I am going to resist this one, but I must. Even as green as it is, it is better...
  8. FABulousWines

    RJ Spagnols OB Watermelon White Merlot

    I am doing this kit at my wife's request. SWMBO has spoken! :w It finished ferment at 0.994 with a starting OG of 1.088 after adding about 4.5 lbs. of inverted sugar. That's the only change I made to the kit instructions. Final ABV around 12.5%. We've already had this wine from another wine...
  9. FABulousWines

    Other Merlot recommendations

    I am thinking about doing a merlot as my next kit. I am considering the following and would like some feed back on these or other high end kits: RJS Winery Series Washington Merlot CC Showcase Washington Merlot If you have made either of these and would care to comment I would appreciate it!
  10. FABulousWines

    Packlab 1st batch bottled!

    I used the AllInOne to rack, filter, and bottle. I did two passes with the 1 micron filter. Piece of cake! I only lost about two fingers worth in the overflow bottle. Pic is pretty lousy camera pic and doesn't do the label justice. I tried to use colored bottles for this Riesling, and only...
  11. FABulousWines

    Packlab How long to age Cornucopia (Packlab) kits?

    My Tropical Riesling has been clearing for a week and I plan to filter and bottle sometime over the long weekend. I will be using the 1 micron filter in the whole house filtering system with the All In One pump. I'd appreciate some guidance as to when will this wine peak. The instructions...
  12. FABulousWines

    Cellar Craft Fast ferment on skins, oak; need advice

    I pitched the yeast on my CC Showcase Argentine Malbec just 5 days ago. The SG this evening is .998. Going by the instructions, I should be racking over to the carboy, but I'd really like to give it some more time on the skins and the French oak. I've snapped the lid down and put on the...
  13. FABulousWines

    Cellar Craft Keeping the muslin bag down

    I am on day 4 of the primary ferment of the CC Showcase Argentine Malbec. Instructions state to stir at least once a day and make sure the crushed grapes are submerged for the first 10 days. Yesterday I had to push that darn bag down three times. This morning when I checked it before leaving...
  14. FABulousWines

    Cellar Craft Impulse Buy: CC Showcase Argentinean Malbec

    Every time we go to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse I enjoy a glass or two of there Mendoza Argentine malbec. Absolutely my favorite. So I decided my first high end kit would be this. This one comes with the crushed grape pack and a couple of packs of Hungarian oak. Anyone here done this kit and...
  15. FABulousWines

    How is my fermentation going?

    This is a Tropical Riesling kit. The only variations I have done from the kit instructions is to add 1/2 of the f-pack in the primary along with 4 cups of sugar. I've been keeping a journal on the progress and here is what I have seen: May 2: pitched yeast, starting SG 1.085 May 3: Noticed...
  16. FABulousWines

    How much K meta for a sanitizing solution?

    Newbie question: How much K meta do you dissolve in one gallon to make a sanitizing solution? Tried searching, but didn't find any relevant hits. Thanks in advance!
  17. FABulousWines

    Packlab My First Kit: Tropical Reisling

    My First Kit: Tropical Riesling I just received delivery of my starter equipment and juice kit. I am probably going to start this tonight. I need to stop by the LHBS on the way home and pick up a few items like a spoon, some brushes and a hydrometer jar as they were not included. A...
  18. FABulousWines

    Question about topping off

    Super newbie here. I plan to do my first batch this weekend and trying to get all my ducks in a row. From what I have learned so far it is hugely important to keep the must away from oxygen, especially after fermentation begins to wane. The usual advice is to top off your carboy with water or...
  19. FABulousWines

    Hello from NC

    Hello, My name is Frank and I live in the central piedmont of NC. My wife and I have been long time wine enthusiasts. When we discovered there were something like 150 wineries in NC we started visiting. We've been to something like 30 different ones so far and frequent our favorites quite...