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    Homemade wine press I made

    I know a bit off topic, but does anyone have a DIY crusher / Destemmer they care to share pics of? I am currently using a milk crate and a potato masher and it is really too much work, but not about to pay the price for a new one.
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    Punching down the cap..

    Could also try to put the skins in a mesh bag with some type of weight to bring it down.
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    Must temperature

    I got the exact same one! I am also using my BBQ probes in each bucket, it runs on Bluetooth and I can check the temp right on my phone. Have alarms set incase it gets too warm.
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    Must temperature

    Luckily I already have one, not sure how many more wine making tools I will be allowed to buy haha
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    Must temperature

    I pitched the yeast for a batch Merlot and Cab 2 nights ago and would like the temp to get up to 86° then bring it down a bit to finish to extend the fermentation. What does everyone use as their "temperature"? The cap is obviously warmer, so is that the temp taken or once everything is mixed?
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    Rose wine

    I am currently adjusting the must of a rose wine I am making (saingee). The question I have is should I let it settle and remove any sediment? Is there benefits to leaving it in and just keeping it in suspension during fermentation?
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    MM wine kit extended maceration

    With all the stirring from degassing you will get some cloudiness. It will settle with more time. I did something similar this winter (different kit but used the 4KG grape pack). After EM and sulphites I let it sit a couple days to settle any solids racked it and let it sit for i believe 3...
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    Upcoming season help

    Another question for everyone: Once the wine has completed the fermentation processes and the wine is in carboys for bulk storage with some oak cubes, how often if at all would you lightly stir the wine? Does stirring it occasionally help integrate the oak better? Thanks
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    Upcoming season help

    Thank you for the replys! Already making changes, I have not tried co-inoculating mlb but with other peoples successes it seems like a no-brainer.
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    Upcoming season help

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a bit of guidance on my wine making process. The plan so far: Because I live in Edmonton Alberta, I cannot be picky with what I get for grapes. The local grocery store imports them from the Lodi region (I believe). I will have no clue what condition they are...
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    South American grapes in Vancouver

    Try Bosa Grape. They are in Burnaby. I know they get juice in but might also get fresh grapes as well