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  1. motherofgallons

    Cider - cold maceration?

    I'm making a nice 18 liter batch of cider from a mix of storebought local apple ciders. I also added 1200 grams of crabapples and 200 grams of rowanberries for tartness and complexity. I added Campden and it's outside on the balcony to await pectic enzyme and yeast. But I got to thinking about...
  2. motherofgallons

    Wine volcano :(

    You know I've read about it, read the warnings, but you never really know until it happens to you. First time using my 27 liter XL Fermonster as primary vessel for a 23 liter (plus 2+ liters of volume for the grape skins) Winexpert Selection Sangiovese kit wine, using BM4x4 which already seems...
  3. motherofgallons

    WineXpert Tweaking Peach Apricot Chardonnay

    I just saw this kit on sale. Thing is, I'm not a fan of sweet wines. Would it be possible to tweak this by: -pumping up the abv to ~11% (only adding water up to 5 gallons instead of 6 as @joeswine suggests, and adding fpack and sugar as needed after that) -adding most of the f-pack in primary...
  4. motherofgallons

    DIY acid blend

    I can't get acid blend at any of my LHBS. I can however get the three acids separately: tartaric, citric, malic. Is a standard storebought acid blend just a 1:1:1 blend of the three or is it a different ratio?
  5. motherofgallons

    Other Using cheap kit juice as grape juice concentrate substitute

    So I am in Sweden where it is apparently impossible to find pure grape juice in any form like you have Welch’s in the US. I bought a cheap wine kit called Ekens Reserv Vit Rioja which is concentrated to 5L for what is intended to make 23L of wine when made up as directed. I had thought to use it...