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  1. CabSauv

    WineXpert Australia Cab Sauv w/ Grape Skins

    Happy 4th of July! Look who the cat dragged in!! It's been a while folks, I feel really bad about not being on for a while but I've had a rough year at my previous job which resulted in job change (for the better), busy with the kids and their sports, and had to put my German Shepherd down last...
  2. CabSauv

    Hand Corker Question

    In a lot of the videos on YouTube that I've been watching, I noticed that in many of them the wine maker is not getting the cork to seat flush with the opening of the bottle when using your standard kit hand corker. I am seeing about 1/4" to 1/2" of cork sticking out and they make no mention of...
  3. CabSauv

    Unbalanced Finished Wine

    Life has finally slowed down (vacation, work, kids events, etc.,.) enough for me to get back to my winemaking. Batch 1 is almost 2 months into bulk aging in the basement and batch 2 was moved to the basement for bulk aging on Wednesday. My journal is located here if anyone is interested to catch...
  4. CabSauv

    Got Wood!?

    I had a beer brewing friend at work go to a beer brewing expo in New York last week and he brought back a bunch of samples of different oak varieties both cubes and spiral staves for me. Perfect timing for my second batch. I'm on a roll for cheap/free equipment and additives. Next on the list is...
  5. CabSauv

    Carboy and Bottles

    I headed down to the local brew supplies store that I hadn't checked out yet just to pick up some campden tablets and pH test strips and I ended up leaving with a 6 gallon carboy and 24 bottles (to go with the 6 I already salvaged) in addition to the tablets and test strips. So now I'm ready to...
  6. CabSauv

    WineXpert "Contre Le Vent" CabSauv First Batch Journal

    Well I got my kit and juice yesterday and my first batch is underway. I figured I'd log my first batch on here in case I need to ask questions or for reference for other newbies who haven't started their first batch yet. Type of wine: Cabernet Sauvignon Date started: 3/26/2017 Starting...
  7. CabSauv

    Adding Commercial Wine to Homemade Wine

    So I'm about to venture into wine making, which I haven't purchased any equipment yet but I wanted to join here and learn more before starting. My introduction is in the introduction section so I won't bore anyone with a repeat, but I did have a question. I recall talking to someone about 5...
  8. CabSauv

    Hello - newbie here

    Hello WMT forum people! My dad introduced me to wine about 10 years ago and I quickly acquired a liking to cabernet sauvignon, hence my username. I really don't drink much else, occasionally I'll have a merlot, but that's about it. I don't drink white wine at all, nothing against it but it just...