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  1. Johny99

    Atc recommendations

    Hi all, I need advice from you August sages. My wife’s health has declined to the point that she can’t walk our hills too well anymore. As our place and her gardens are her life’s joy, this morning she asked if she could get an atv to get around. I suggested the tractor, small Kubota, but she...
  2. Johny99

    2018 in the vineyard

    Well,I won’t say my 2017 thread was a hit, but I enjoyed, and learned a thing or two, from seeing what folks we up to in their vineyards. So, here goes again, come one, come all. Post what is going on in your vineyard, large or small. Mid January, and it finally has delivered real snow...
  3. Johny99

    Leonetti Vertical

    KENNEWICK, Wash. – A complete vertical of Leonetti Cellar’s legendary Cabernet Sauvignon – including perhaps the single most important wine ever made in Washington – will go up for sale at the 30th annual Auction of Washington Wines. :a1...
  4. Johny99

    Fixing an auto siphon

    OK, no I don't know how I broke it, but here is how I fixed it in case you ever do the same thing. I have a couple of auto siphons, pump like things to start a siphon. Well somehow, the little check valve thingy came out of my 1 inch one. Over vigorous cleaning maybe? Anyway, today I went...
  5. Johny99

    Gallo buys Stagecoach Vineyard for $160M

    600 acres of vineyard, 1300 acres total. Wonder what a ton of Cab would cost?
  6. Johny99

    2017 in the vineyard

    I thought it would be interesting to have a "year in the" thread for the vineyards, large and small. I believe we have a pretty good cross section of climates, and most surely approaches. So, perhaps weekly posting of what is going on in your vineyard? Pictures of course are extra cool...
  7. Johny99


    Used French Oak doublebaCk Walla Walla, Wa CliCk ref to VieW online httP://WWW.Winebusiness.Com/Classifieds/usedbarrels/?go=listing&listingid= 133831 If they only came filled:HB
  8. Johny99

    Merry Christmas to ya'll

    May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a New Year full of the most wonderful vintages.
  9. Johny99

    Gett'n old - barrel lifting

    I use a combination of stainless beer kegs, 15.5 gallon, and 50l barrels for ageing. I've always lifted them, full, to move around, rack, etc. well that was till last January when lifting a full barrel off of my cart put on the patio for cold stabilization. Oh, it was a lovely cold January...
  10. Johny99

    Aqua pure filters

    Has anyone used the Aqua Pure 1 micron filter? Aqua Pure 10" Sediment Filter Cartridge - 1 Micron Results? Tia johny99
  11. Johny99

    White barrel fermentation

    I have a new 50l Hungarian oak barrel for this year's harvest. I thought before using it for reds, I'd try a barrel ferment of a white. I'll have Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot blanc, and Sauvignon blanc as candidates. My wife says the Chardonnay she likes big buttery full Malo chards. Thoughts...
  12. Johny99

    Anyone near Baltimore?

    I'm headed to Baltimore then the other side of the bay the weekend of July 9 for my aunt's 90th. Anyone in the area that would be interested in meeting and swapping a bottle?
  13. Johny99

    Leaf hoppers, what do you do?

    Last year I was invaded by leaf hoppers. On the Tempranillo it got so bad it impacted ripening. So far I've had a few vines show more than 20 to a leaf, WSU's intervention number. I hate to use chemicals, but I don't want it to be worse than last year. Anyway, have you had a severe infestation...