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    Toasted marshmallow flavors and aromas?

    We just had a Counoise that had wonderful, amazing toasted marshmallow aromas and flavors. I was wondering if anyone knows what imparts this profile (some sort of chemical reaction,etc) ? Can it be imparted (naturally...no use of extracts, etc) in other wines and alcoholic beverages? (Akin to...
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    Jack Keller recipes?

    Hi all, just getting into country wine making. Pre-purchased Jack Keller's upcoming book after someone passed along his wonderful blackberry wine recipe to me. I am eager to try out some other recipes before the book comes out, but his website doesn't seem to work any more. does anyone know...
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    Final gravity calculations?

    I'm more accustomed to mead,but have been getting intro country wine. Are there any calculators for country wine making that will allow you to determine a relatively accurate final gravity of a country wine based on your fruit choice and quantity akin to the kinds of information available for...