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  1. BettyJ

    Sparkling wine challenge

    Hi guys - haven't been on the forum in a bit as I have gotten caught up making liqueurs and spirits in addition to fruit wines. In any case, I continue to research the easiest, cheapest, safest way to add a little sparkle to my wines and stumbled upon the fizzies tablets. If you didn't mind...
  2. BettyJ

    Wine from Sea Grapes

    This is the only recipe I can find online, but it may need tweaking a bit.... (especially the part where the camden tab is added with the yeast?). Any suggestions? The flesh of the grape is very limited and there is a large seed in each grape, so boiling the grapes may be needed, but I...
  3. BettyJ

    Sea Grapes

    Ok, I am anxious to get my hands on a big batch of these little guys. They are green at the moment. I have friends that are reserving their trees for me, with the promise of wine in their future :) Has anyone else on the board ever made sea grape wine? The grapes are quite small and have a...
  4. BettyJ

    wine thief / white stuff floating in my wine?

    Ok, I am thinking that someone has been breaking into my wine, so before I confront my housekeeper, can someone help me troubleshoot? 1. My pineapple riesling / 5 gal carboy (6 months age with rubber bung) was low in volume since my last check over 6 weeks ago - by almost 1 gallon! The...
  5. BettyJ

    Penny for your thoughts

    Hi everyone! I am thinking of trying this rice wine recipe and wondered if anyone could look over it to provide any feedback. Some info I have seen says to use brown rice other places say only corn syrup. I think I should add bananas (I do this with every wine). Any thoughts? RICE WINE...
  6. BettyJ

    Rice Wine recipe questions

    Hi everyone I am researching rice wine recipes and believe that I need to use Amylase enzyme to break down the starch. Many of the recipes I have found do not call for it. I will be using white grape concentrate in the recipe (the last batch I did I used apple juice and it did not work out...
  7. BettyJ


    Natal plum pics + others now in gallery
  8. BettyJ

    Has anyone tried dried elderberries

    I thought I might try this to mix in with my next batch of red wine. Any thoughts?
  9. BettyJ

    Liquor making question

    liquor making question Hi there I have just made a bottle of Kahlua (?sp) which is incredibly great I think it's better than the real thing. But am curious is I should add preservatives to it in case I don't drink it for a while. I did use K meta on the equipment / bottle. here's the recipe...
  10. BettyJ

    Bottling Sangria

    Hi everyone Thought I would share my experience with this - my first red wine from concentrate was just ok, so a few months ago I bottled it as Sangria. Basically mixed up my secret alcoholic punch containing rum and variety of fruit juices (with preservatives). This has gone over very well...
  11. BettyJ

    metallic taste / sediment

    Hi everyone I made a mango wine > 1 yr ago - it had a metallic taste and very high acid (the bottled water I used was high acid and the temperature was >90 at times), so I tossed most of it out. I kept 1 gallon for cooking, which now has a black sediment on the bottom, but the taste is much...
  12. BettyJ

    Troubleshooting help needed with tropical fruit and concentrate grape wine

    Hi guys I used the suncal concentrated white grape juice instructions and added the fruit of 5 frozen bananas and 5 mangos (+ peptic enzyme to help with clearing and a little sugar). I did not use campden tablets on the fruit, however... After racking to carboy (after 7 days in primary and...
  13. BettyJ

    Hello from Central America

    Hi everyone! I have been using you all as a resource, but not really educated enough to ask questions yet. My husband and I moved to Belize a couple of years ago and the wine is super expensive, which then prompted me to make it myself... after some hits and misses I am on my way. I love...