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  1. drainsurgeon

    Step Feeding Protocol

    Well I'm not sure about the glucose part, but the port turned out fantastic! The wine ended up at almost 19% after step feeding and with the addition of brandy I fortified it up to 22%. It was good 3 years ago but aging has really smoothed it out and the bottle I opened this winter was really...
  2. drainsurgeon

    Skittle Wine

    Well I started my 3rd batch of Skittle wine in early May. My youngest daughter (now 35) absolutely loves this stuff. It's like crack to her. Anyway, I found out with my first batch that the waxy film is a pain in the arse and took 3 rackings before I finally got rid of it all. The last two...
  3. drainsurgeon

    WineXpert New Island Mist in the lineup

    Of course. The kit comes with sorbate and would have to be included to add the rest of the fpac anyway. The island Mist kits end up a little thin in my opinion. Addition of glicerin adds a little "body" in IMHO. Some look to this as cheating but I believe it just part of tweaking a cheaper wine...
  4. drainsurgeon

    WineXpert New Island Mist in the lineup

    bkisel, I do that with Island Mist kits also. I reduce water to make a 5-5 1/2 gal batch, 1/2 of the fpac and sugar to at least 1.075 SG. It ends up a stronger flavor, higher ABV and just a bit less sweet than the kit is designed for. If it still looks a little thin, I add a bit of glycerin for...
  5. drainsurgeon

    3-year old Chocolate Raspberry Port Still good?

    Had the wine been fortified during the 3 years sitting? I've never made a Port from a kit so not sure. I'm just curious if you know what the ABV was while it was sitting.
  6. drainsurgeon

    Apple Cider $7.00 / Gallon

    I understand.... I made a 7 1/2 gallon batch of Apple wine from some VERY tart apples 2 falls ago. Two different varieties but not sure which ones. I did the freezing and pressing and it was a lot of work. The press I borrowed from the local wine store didn't work very good. I got the 7 1/2...
  7. drainsurgeon

    potassium metabisulfite and potassium sorbate

    I have always followed the kit instructions which usually have you start with 1/2 gallon of HOT water, slowly sprinkle in the bentonite while stirring. I've only had a problem with clumping if I try adding it too fast. I do the same with my fruit wines. K meta and K sorbate I dissolve in 1/2 c...
  8. drainsurgeon

    WineXpert Lot's of sludge in my 3-4 year old red wine

    Those of you that are using tap or spring water...beware. Just because you think the taste is acceptable does not mean there aren't contaminants in the water. Yes, even city water! A TDS meter is a quick test to see HOW MUCH stuff is in your water, but what exactly it contains needs further...
  9. drainsurgeon

    Now this is Serious

    Ya, I hear ya. I'm an avid bird hunter and with duck and goose you need to get a little creative (read: alot of wine) to make it palatable. Grouse and pheasant is a different story. Throw either in a crock pot with some cream of chic, wild rice, onion and, it's time to go hunting...
  10. drainsurgeon

    Now this is Serious

    Seriously? My friends that turkey hunt just rave about how good wild turkey is. Sounds more like fishermen. They lie like a sack of potatoes!
  11. drainsurgeon

    Low initial specific gravity

    If the high alcohol if overpowering the flavor of the wine, Ajmassa has a good idea to make another batch and blend them. I wouldn't water it down to dilute the ABV. You'll loose the good flavor that the kit intended. The only other thing to try (if the ferment isn't done) is to filter the...
  12. drainsurgeon

    Can I juice my apples?

    LOL, have you seen the video of drunk elephants after eating fermented apples. It's hilarious! Anyway, I made apple wine 2 falls ago. I quartered and froze 110# of apples. Freezing the apples make it a little easier to press and extract the juice. I ended up with 7 1/2 gallons of apple juice and...
  13. drainsurgeon

    Apple wine/Cider without apple press

    What Scooter said. Make sure you use plenty of pectic enzyme and be patient. It will clear eventually. I used 110# of apples, froze, quartered and pressed and got 7 1/2 gallons to start and ended up with 6 1/2 to bottle. I added some cinnamon sticks while bulk aging. I also used apple juice to...
  14. drainsurgeon

    Make port from wine kit?

    I have done this with IM Black Raspberry Merlot. Reduce to 5 gallons, step feed (usually up to 16%-18%) and fortify with brandy up to about 22%. I add some glycerin for mouth feel. It actually turns out pretty good for a cheep kit. Go for it! Island Mist also has a Black Cherry which sounds...
  15. drainsurgeon

    Are CO2 "Burps" expected @ 0.990~0.995 SG ?

    I feel like I'm hijacking here but I meant initial stabilization (roughly 10 days post ferment), not pre-ferment. I've always thought of 1/4 tsp per 6 gallons was standard treatment but the kit kmeta pack had a full 1/2 tsp in it. That got me wondering.
  16. drainsurgeon

    Are CO2 "Burps" expected @ 0.990~0.995 SG ?

    Scooter, it's funny that you mention the 1/4 tsp of kmeta for preservation or pre-treatment. I was stabilizing a cherry pomegranate wine that I started from juice just yesterday. I've always wondered why the kits seem to have a bigger dose than that for initial stabilization. So I measured a...
  17. drainsurgeon

    a newbie

    OMG, I can't stop laughing!! Need alcohol to make babies and using a condom for an airlock...can 't stop laughing! This is going to be the best wine EVER!
  18. drainsurgeon


    Bartman...WOW! In case you've not read this entire thread, the person we are talking about has had multiple DWI convictions. Has done time in jail. Is on probation. Call's the probation officer and ADMITS that they are drunk and have a firearm in their possession....(read between the...
  19. drainsurgeon


    The Tawny Porto was fabulous! Some of the best commercial wine I've ever had. Ok, talked to my daughter and told her that I had a little worry over the legality of said giveaway. Her reply was that they are not governed by the same rules as law enforcement. They have to keep evidence for a...
  20. drainsurgeon


    meadmaker, I'll ask her tomorrow as to the actual protocol that they follow. Like I said earlier in this thread, I don't know any of the details other than what I've stated. For all I know, she purchased them and then gifted them to me. I do know that she would not bend the rules and risk her...
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