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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Must have been out of bailing wire.
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    Favorite Wine Recipes

    Went ahead and used a 32 bottle of Collins daiquiri mix. Initial taste is pretty good, but awfully sweet for my taste - even for a port. It’ll be interesting to see how it ages, but I’m currently wishing I’d followed the recipe but without the 2 lbs sugar at the end.
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    Favorite Wine Recipes

    Sorry to resurrect a 10yo recipe. The 3 gallon recipe calls for “3-Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri mix.” Any idea “3” what? Cups?
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    Yeast energizer?

    Thanks. Nothing that I know of. But I’m still a beginner, so I wouldn’t know. Stuck even though it’s still bubbling?
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    Yeast energizer?

    It’s still at 1.040
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    Yeast energizer?

    Im doing a butterscotch mead that has been steadily bubbling since before Christmas. I added yeast energizer once. Should I add more? I’ve read through here and know some of you have had 2+ months of fermentation. I’m not necessarily in a hurry except to get something else going behind it.
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Merry Christmas
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    Ferment until done?

    Sorry for the dumb question. Making a RJS Shiraz kit. Instructions say to rack to secondary at or below 1.020. It’s been bubbling pretty steadily for 9 days now and just now hit 1.020. But it’s still actively fermenting. Should I let it continue to ferment until it’s as dry as the yeast will...
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    Fine Vine Wines Closing Their Doors

    You need some new neighbors. I’m about a year on the older side of millenials, technically. Many of the millennials I know work more hours than most of us - but at non traditional times and industries. I’m in North Texas and the home brew culture is strong with millenials. I don’t know about...
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    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Jewish Christmas lights. Strange.
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    What wine are you serving tomorrow?

    Something you made, or something commercial? What are you putting on the table?
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    Top-off with liquor?

    Strange question. I just filtered a peach wine. Ready to top off, but wife drank our last bottle of white wine this week. It doesn't need much. It's in a 1G carboy and needs half a cup or less. Anyone ever use rum or vodka to top off a wine? I know it will raise the ABV. Just curious.
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    Not normal. We are still drinking my first batch which I did exactly like Dave’s recipe called for. It’s excellent, and has only improved over the 3 months since I bottled it. No floral dryer sheet anything. I wonder if your friends used some kind of soap to wash their equipment at some point?
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    Fizzy wine

    You won’t regret buying the all in one pump if for no other reason than this. If you just cant swing it, get a brake bleed tool at an auto parts store (or Wal-Mart). The tubing should be the same size as the airlock hole in your carboy stopper. You’ll have to pump it every few hours until you...
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    Too hot for yeast?..

    I doubt it’s ruined. Worst case, pitch another package of yeast.
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    Sulphur - Peach

    Moved peach wine into secondaries about 3 weeks ago. I used the AIO pump to go from 6 gallons of must to 4 one-gallon carboys of wine - added pectic enzyme and Kmeta to each. Felt like there was quite a bit of wine still left in the bucket, so I poured it through a sanitized strainer and funnel...
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    Campden Tablet Oops...

    Not that patient = going to hate winemaking. It’s worth the wait. A week won’t be enough. Let it ride and you’ll be prouder of it. Make dragons blood for a speedy drinker while you wait.
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