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  1. Venatorscribe

    Research into home winemaking

    I 'd be happy to participate
  2. Venatorscribe

    Finished ABV % For Finished Limoncello

    I aim for around 20%. It preserves the subtle mellow flavours and the sudden hit of alc doesn't blast my contacts off my eye balls. Keeping it a bit lower gives you an opportunity for a second or third glass ...( small )
  3. Venatorscribe

    Log in??

    The changes are good. Especially now I can link in via the daily email and then login without losing trail I was following.
  4. Venatorscribe

    Post a Meme, any Meme! (no politics)

    Something which might prove to be useful. Take care folks. Keep posting.
  5. Venatorscribe

    New Winexpert Kits

    An excellent link. Thks. Thoroughly enjoyed that story.
  6. Venatorscribe

    Wine Expert Pinot Noir Kit

    Correct. K-sorbate is very rarely needed.
  7. Venatorscribe

    Wine Expert Pinot Noir Kit

    I did a WE Pinot noir kit back in September. I did need to adjust the pH. It wasn't that far out but I wasn't feeling happy sitting on a pH of 3.8 as I hold my wines in bulk. I adjusted it to a pH of 3.4 using 48 gms of tartaric acid. I also added an oak spiral after primary . I gave it a second...
  8. Venatorscribe

    Adding Lactic Acid to Finished Wine

    Please keep us updated on your trials.
  9. Venatorscribe

    Kit Wine Taste

    Excellent article - that settles the mind on the question of wine kits.thanks for adding the link.
  10. Venatorscribe

    What's for Dinner?

    Like the label design / concept
  11. Venatorscribe

    What's for Dinner?

    Job well done by the looks. They'll one day remember you for this - but also probably whinge about lack of wine...
  12. Venatorscribe

    Cleaning Carboys

    Several avenues you can go down here. The oxyclean one is viable. But my preferred method is 500 mls of one percent k- meta solution commingled with 2 Tb spoons of citric acid. The glass carboy will sparkle up within a few hours. Another method is to use 500 mls of starSan. It will take a...
  13. Venatorscribe

    Chilean juice pail tweaks

    Over the last twelve to eighteen months I have tasted the benefits of blending. It not only extends my range of choices ( come happy hour ) but has 'stretched' my taste buds and abilities to appreciate good red wines. But my blending hasn't stopped there. I also have a passion to fashion...
  14. Venatorscribe

    Chilean juice pail tweaks

    Post fermentation. I fermented the Malbec in August '18 and the Merlot in Oct'18. I have oak spirals in them at the moment and will blend in September
  15. Venatorscribe

    Chilean juice pail tweaks

    I also have a Chilean Malbec and a Chilean Merlot that I was thinking about blending. Not all of it - possibly 20 litres and retaining the rest for straight drinking as am partial to Malbec. I was thinking about a 50:50 mix.
  16. Venatorscribe

    Chilean blend help

    Thanks for that. You sound like me. I like to keep wine in 10 litre carboys for at least nine months then oak with spirals before then bottling and holding until it meets my taste test. I must give the Chilean chard a try. Cheers for that.
  17. Venatorscribe

    What to do with lot's of green tomatoes?

    Believe it or not - I have been thinking the same. It's summer for me at the moment as I watch my tomatoes ripen. However salads seem to be in control at the moment.
  18. Venatorscribe

    Chilean blend help

    Could I ask how long did you wait before the Chardonnay became excellent as am thinking about knocking one together for 'domestic control'.cheers
  19. Venatorscribe

    Chilean blend help

    Drop the Cab Sav. I'd go for a 15 to 20 % Malbec and a similar ratio of Franc with Merlot to complete the overall picture. Now the question - which oak to use.
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