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  1. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    I think I see it. Maybe after you get some responses you can say where in the photo to look?
  2. bkisel

    Do you use tap water for wine making ?

    Most recently natural spring water as pictured here off Arnot Road in Bloss, PA
  3. bkisel

    Hello From Maryland

    Welcome! [From North Central PA]
  4. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Varis, this is my favorite thread on WMT. So many nice, interesting and even beautiful posts here.
  5. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Dog and I took a walk this morning on Railway Grade Ln which runs through PA Gamelands #37...
  6. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Getting some bottles ready for Christmas giving...
  7. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    You would know wouldn't you; you do have a Tesla correct? No, RC is another hobby I dabble into.
  8. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Just chillin...
  9. bkisel

    Lifting the carboy.

    I can relate. Only carboy I've broken was done while washing and I don't think it even fell 2 inches. All the glass was in the sink which made cleanup relatively easy. I did however get a very minor cut.
  10. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Got lazy and used a Tioga State Forest access road instead of a hiking trail for one of our recent hikes...
  11. bkisel

    Fruit wine - when to remove bag of fruit from primary?

    Around 1.020 is generally where I've done my last squeeze and then locked down.
  12. bkisel

    Mango-Pineapple Wine

    I like the idea of experimenting with first just doing a gallon. Though there have been no epic fails there have been a number of 6 gallon experiment/trial wines I've made that were never made again.
  13. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    What a good looking pup. Is she an F1 or an F2? Sadie, our F2 Goldendoodle, looks more poodle than golden retriever.
  14. bkisel

    Wine kits on sale

    Thanks for the heads-up. I've done business with them before so its worth me checking it out.
  15. bkisel


  16. bkisel

    This is me!

    Nice photo. In 1966 I was a young Marine stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC. Had an opportunity to visit Savana more than a few times. If my memory serves me correctly the bars in Georgia closed an hour after they closed in SC and the bars in Savana Beach stayed open for an additional hour.
  17. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Hey Craig... A few more leaves down and a clear day and we'll be able to clearly see your cabin. [Taken this morning from the West Rim trail.]
  18. bkisel

    Transfer Sediment When Racking?

    I can remember kit instructions saying to do the same. I think it was WE kits before they went to 2 step clearing agents. Personally I'd follow the kit instructions.
  19. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Got one Friday. Dead deer in last photo so you may not want to view.
  20. bkisel

    Post a photo, any photo

    Two photo shots from my hunting blind taken before last Saturday's opening bow season...
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