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  1. Masbustelo

    Finished pruning now to spray

    Does anyone know if Lime-sulfur liquids for pets can be used to spray vines?
  2. Masbustelo

    Removing vines

    Why not graft on to them? They will come back into production sooner.
  3. Masbustelo

    Northern Kentucky. Grape Growing

    In the midst of what individuals are saying about the ability to grow vinifera in the East, don't lose sight of the weekly or bi weekly spray schedule from bud break to post harvest. The spray regimen is intense, complicated by the need to rotate sprays. Many of the effective sprays are quite...
  4. Masbustelo

    To hybrid or not to hybrid in central NC?

    I think you are asking an interesting question. I am seeing growers of vinifera in your part of the country struggling with vinifera. Temperature in winter or ripening period seems to not be a problem. The problems arise with the humidity and rain. It seems that even with intense spray regimens...
  5. Masbustelo

    Bees, Birds and damaged grapes - what to do?

    Thyme Guard is an insect repellent I plan on using just prior to harvest next year.
  6. Masbustelo

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    Here is the Bug-B-Gone product label. It isn't easy to find. The active ingredients are Bifenthrin, and Zeta-Cypermethrin. It says you can use it on raspberries, but doesn't say anything either...
  7. Masbustelo

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    I had the same problems with wasps and hornets. I learned this year that when they show up things are going to deteriorate quickly. I probably waited a week too long to pick.
  8. Masbustelo


    Looks great.
  9. Masbustelo

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    I picked my Petite Pearl in N. Illinois yesterday. Mine got stuck at 19-20 brix, and the quality started going downhill. They don't hang well. With all the rain coming I thought it was best to pick. Ph 3.65. I got six gallons of must.
  10. Masbustelo

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    There are a number of yeasts that consume the malic acid. They really are quite remarkable at bringing down the acid levels. Maurivin B is one that I have used.
  11. Masbustelo

    Good source for small quantity of corks

    I just bought 45 Flor quality corks for $40.50, shipping included, at Widgetco.
  12. Masbustelo

    New Grower Needs Advice

    On Amazon you can buy inexpensive garden powder dusters. Also there you can buy a lb of Diatomaceous earth. It is a clay that is mined, composed of prehistoric diatom skeletons. The dust is microscopically razor sharp. Think of the little creatures crawling on broken glass after you apply it...
  13. Masbustelo

    New Grower Needs Advice

    Ellen if you can find a little duster and diatomaceous earth, the little aphids will soon be gone.
  14. Masbustelo

    Japanese beetles help

    Dennis I couldn't find failed or successful experiments testing the diatomaceous earth, either at the homeowner level, or university type studies. Now I wish they would show up again...
  15. Masbustelo

    Japanese beetles help

    Rice_Guy Kudos for thinking outside the box!
  16. Masbustelo

    Japanese beetles help

    Regarding Japanese beetles, I have had good luck daily shooting them directly with Sevin. I think maybe some of us are overlooking an organic solution that is inexpensive and perhaps no more time consuming. I'm thinking that Diatomaceous earth may very well be equally efficacious. It seems very...
  17. Masbustelo

    My grapes are threatened!

    For aphids and aphid like creatures, a non chemical treatment is diatomaceous earth, applied with a duster.
  18. Masbustelo

    Verona Thread

    Now two years later, I have some Verona that will be ready to pick soon. Some are at 20 Brix today. I'll weigh the bunches and take some pictures. My Petite Pearl are at 17 Brix, so at least this year the Verona seem to be an earlier ripening variety.
  19. Masbustelo

    Need help with pest id

    It isn't easy being a scientist.
  20. Masbustelo

    Marquette Grape?

    I suspect that training in an S shape will cause apical dominance issues. Some of the nodes will grow strongly and others perhaps not at all.
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