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  1. balatonwine

    White wine from grapes, when do you bottle?

    I do it the old way. Wait. The wine will degas itself. Over time. But that creates a different wine. Each to their own. :b
  2. balatonwine

    A Rube Goldberg Way To Open A Wine Bottle

    Absolutely. Well said. And so succinctly. :h
  3. balatonwine

    A Rube Goldberg Way To Open A Wine Bottle

    I hope I am not over reacting myself since this is the Joke Forum, but it seems from some comments, that it may not be fully understood that the entire point of a Rube Goldberg machine is to be superfluous and wasteful. :h Another example, making breakfast: Even "worse" the Do Noting...
  4. balatonwine

    Cottonwood Arizona Observations (so far)

    Thanks. I always appreciate input from people who actually have experienced a product. Our only oven is in our wood stove. and not near our range area.So heat should not be an issue. But, yes, electronics do fail. Annoying. But, my wife, who grew up with electrical stoves in Switzerland, puts...
  5. balatonwine

    White wine from grapes, when do you bottle?

    I usually bulk age my white wines and normally don't bottle till spring. For one thing, it is more fun than trying to clean bottles in freezing temps in Winter..... One can certainly bottle sooner for many white wines (Pinot gris is one common early bottle wine that I grow), but one will...
  6. balatonwine

    RJ Spagnols Spiedel 7.9 Gal Fermenter??

    Yes, I use Spiedel products. They work very well. Even for medium term (6-9 months or so) storage with minimum O2 permeability issues. This size, for me, is mostly for what is left after filling the larger ones.
  7. balatonwine

    Cottonwood Arizona Observations (so far)

    Gas Hobs? Interesting. Not a critique of your choice, just saying we are moving on from gas due to our experiences. After so many years of the mess and cleaning required (especially if things go wrong -- eventually things will go wrong), we are moving to induction. :)
  8. balatonwine

    Tractor vs. Compact Articulating Loader

    Note: No, I do not have experience with Avant. But I do have a hectare of land. Basically a 500+ case vineyard. Not in full production yet, but even I can easily use my 15 hp 4x4 tractor and it works fine. Plenty of attachments for this sized tractor including plow, mower, finger weeders, post...
  9. balatonwine

    Sulphur used in Vineyards and its effect on products

    Sulfur application is mostly to prevent powdery mildew. The last application should be 6 to 8 weeks before harvest (ripening grapes are not attacked by powdery mildew). So you should be fine regarding sulfur (rain, wind and time has removed most of it by harvest time) if the vineyard is properly...
  10. balatonwine

    Why sulfate with every rack?

    You don't need to sulfate at ever racking. That is simply a recipe. If you can measure your sulfur levels you should only add when you need to. Or when you want to -- because wine does not really need added sulfate. That is simply a modern addition to wine making to make a modern wine. If you...
  11. balatonwine

    Sanitizing question

    Tap water, nil. It is treated if you are city mains. Hose, see what CDrew said as that has more complicated issues. What you need to be aware of is that micro-organisms are floating in the air around you right now. No mater how much you sanitize a container, that open top is exposed to air, and...
  12. balatonwine

    Good wine from bad grapes?

    That is really a lot of suspended particles. But, they are still in suspension. Personally, I always run my white wine must from the press through a fine mesh strainer filter (requires repeated cleaning during the press cycle). Doing that and you will find there is much less material there by...
  13. balatonwine

    Cottonwood Arizona Observations (so far)

    I have lived in many small towns. And from that experience I can say it take between 3 to 5 years to really know the place. To really learn small town people, politics, gossip, etc. That all takes time to experience. That is, unless you live in a bubble, Which some people do, for a long time...
  14. balatonwine

    Good source for small quantity of corks

    Interesting discussion. I can buy corks in 100 or 1000 lots. Bought 200 high quality natural corks recently (two 100 bags) at $14 for a bag. And that included the local punishing 27% VAT tax. Of course, I live in Europe, where they harvest natural corks. So just wondering how much the local US...
  15. balatonwine

    Building a bladder press

    Good grief, no. Never thought about that. Some things are better done professionally and I think this is one. But one can certainly DIY a basket press. Even with a stainless steel basket. Why not try that?
  16. balatonwine


    What other said - you will need to adjust. But, IMHO, those are lousy numbers for fresh Petit Sirah grapes. Grapes grown under the correct Terroir should give you better. You should consider changing suppliers next year.
  17. balatonwine

    Oxygenate before pitching yeast?

    Reds actually can benefit from more O2 than can be had from just a loose cover during most parts of fermentation. Have you never see pumping over during red wine making for example? This is never done with whites. Reds, during fermentation, actually do okay, and benefit from some extra O2...
  18. balatonwine

    Latest southern WI vineyard

    From the ripeness formula, brix * ph^2 20 * 2.81^2 = 157. Not even close to the ideal number of 260 for a red wine. My advice is let it hang. Too often grapes are picked too early out of fear of loosing grapes to weather. But if you can put aside those fears, and pick when ideal or only when...
  19. balatonwine

    Replicating a 100 point wine...this season’s plan

    I like these photos of a grape cluster in hand. The wine makers equivalent of the girlfriend taking her boyfriend by the hand to see something amazing.
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