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    Elderberry Wine (berry)

    Draw a glass and add a bit of sugar to it. Not enough, add a little more sugar. Keep trying and see if that cures it. Arne.
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    Hi Kim. Great to see ya around again. Arne.
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    Banana Bochet Port

    Missed ya being around Deezil. Glad to see ya show up. Congrats for sticking with the college stuff. Arne.
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    Burnt Honey

    Gonna give it a try. It is in a 5 gal. container and has crystalized again. Either have to find something big enough to warm it up in or think I am going to wait for hot weather and set it out in the sun til it gets warm enough to pour off. Will get back on when I get started. Arne.
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    Burnt Honey

    Will keep this in mind. Not going to start it until I get some fresh fruit. Probably will be cherries. Arne.
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    unconventional country wine style

    @hounddawg Got any kids around there? You could probably pay them what you pay for the concentrates and they would jump at the chance to pick the berries for you. Just a thought. Arne.
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    Burnt Honey

    Thanks for the reply, Rice Guy. This was at 140 degrees for a few days. He said it was burned, but I really couldn't detect any burned smell from it. Hoping maybe somebody else has run into something like this, but probably a first. Anyway, hoping to salvage a bunch of honey from this. Bil...
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    Burnt Honey

    Anybody ever run across this? My bil keeps bees. Had 5 gal. of crystalized honey and left it in the heater too long. He says it was burnt, but I took the lid off and it smelled ok to me. My thoughts were during fermentation the oders might fall out and I could rack them off. It has...
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    Chancellor juice from finger lakes

    :br @cmason1957 Thanks for answering for me. I didn''t get back soon enough and am sure they appreciated the quick response. Have a great one and thanks again. Arne.
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    Chancellor juice from finger lakes

    Try drawing a glass and adding a bit of sugar to it. Also, check the ph. If too much acid it can make it kind of bitter. If the sugar fixes it, make sure you stabalize the wine before adding a bunch of sugar to it. If not stable, it could restart ferment and you will be back to waiting for...
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    Welch's concord with the super-sugar method

    @jswordy We will see if he will reply. He stops in every so often. Arne.
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    Another newbie hello!

    Welcome to the forum. Any problems or questions just ask away. Usually somebody around that will try and help. Arne.
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    To pit or not to pit

    That is the way it has worked for me. Also I have an old fashioned cherry pitter and it goes pretty fast. Dump the cherries in the top, turn the crank, and the pits come out one way, meat and juice another. Arne.
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    To pit or not to pit

    Don't have a source for sweet cherries, but make pie cherry wine almost every year. I do pit them as when you leave the pits in they impart a bitter taste to the wine. It goes away after a long aging period, but without the pits I do not have to age the wine as long. Arne.
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    Pineapple Wine

    Yep, I would probably be fermenting outside if I didn't have the grungy old basement to work in. Did do a blackberry upstairs, too cold in the basement so put the bucket by the woodstove. Week or so later, it went downstairs and will just sit there til the weather warms and a bit of warmth...
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    Pineapple Wine

    Ha ha, you are not the first to have that happen. Keep making wine long enough and it happen to us all. I am fortunate, tho. All my fermenting is done over concrete, a few swipes with the mop and cleaned up. Basement is so old a few more stains don't even show. Good luck with your cleanup and...
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    Post a photo, any photo

    We will be having the cranes passing thru soon. Probably start seeingthem in the next 3 weeks to a month. Sign that spring is on the way. First tho, the geese will come thru. Thousands of them. Great way to start a new season. Arne.
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    Pineapple Wine

    Get em in the bucket and pitch some yeast. Best of luck with it. Great to see ya. Arne.
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    Why does oxygenating restart fermentation ... at least this time

    Did your basement warm up just a little bit. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of warm air to get it going again. Arne.
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    Mosti Nero D'Avola -- Clarification stage

    Or just throw them in and forget about it. Little more alcohol won't hurt a thing and nobody but you will know. Arne.
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