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  1. J

    Using Brown Sugar?

    I use sometimes use brown sugar in my apple wines/ hard ciders. It does alter the color slightly and I feel the brown sugar does impart flavors that compliment the apple really well. I haven't done any whites but have done reds where I use a syrup made from a blend of white.and brown sugar( 4...
  2. J

    Pambianchi study on degassing

    Then rack two glasses of wine before degassing and put one in the fridge. :sm
  3. J

    No wine yeast....

    Your welcome. I seriously doubt you will be able to fashion a hydrometer. Your best bet will be to find established juice recipes that work on sites such as this one and adjust the materials to fit the size container your working with. There are a few other things you can do such as adding some...
  4. J

    Hard Cider, No Fermentation...

    There are a few other variables you need to provide such as the temperature of the juice when you pitched the yeast in, what temperature are you keeping it at now, and did you put the clearing agent in when you pitched the yeast?
  5. J

    Empty Carboy and pending Storm

    I didn't bother filling any carboys with water either but my well pump has a backup power source. If I did not know all the local store are probably packed with people getting last minute emergency stuff I would go buy some juice/concentrates to start a couple batches while the storm has me off...
  6. J

    Adapted Monica's cider recipe from this forum

    Dunno the differences, hence I'm In the beginners forum. Not sure how I'm going to finish this. I just know I am going to try letting it bulk age for a long while at lower temps. (55 faren). I should put in my work space in the basement. Have a 15x30 room marked out just procrastination has...
  7. J

    Adapted Monica's cider recipe from this forum

    Decided to try Monica's recipe on this forum sans cinnamon. I had a 6 gallon fermenter so I did alter the amount of cider and sugar a bit. I ended up using 6 gallons fresh pressed cider 6 lbs granulated sugar 4 lbs dark brown sugar 1 packet red star champagne yeast I slowly simmered...
  8. J

    No wine yeast....

    Bernard the reason he was probably saying "thick" with sugar would be a combination of suspended particles and the fact that even bakers yeast (good to 9-10%) would not have time to process the sugar. Depending on his geographical location and insividual situation he may be better building a...
  9. J

    No wine yeast....

    If you read his situation in the first post long term aging is not likely. He's looking for something fast and easy like a jailhouse hooch. A science lab outlet would probably be able to sell him a hydrometer as all it does is measure sg in a liquid. In his situation the easiest thing to do...
  10. J

    After Secondary Fermentation, Shall we leave the wine in carboys?

    But you generally rack it off the lees into another carboy?
  11. J

    Ooops...Cold Stabilization

    Winecicles for everyone!!!:a1
  12. J

    Fermentation Temp

    I've done flavored such as vanilla and cinnamon before. I much prefer straight cider( not a big fan of complexity). I do like a bit of apple or oak chips in some meads. Next batch of mead I am considering using this fresh cider slurry in a manner similar to skeeter pee, oak chipping it, then...
  13. J

    Fermentation Temp

    I have 5 gallons of cider going in a primary at the moment. Constant temp after pitching into the must has been 65 degrees. There is not as vigorous a bubbling like some of the more experienced people on here get that try to keep a 70 degree temp. It has been going along consistently with a...