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    Cleanpro SDH

    The kit I got from E.C. Kraus came with a small container of Cleanpro SDH. It looks like they only sell it in these small quanities, does anyone know where I can get it in bulk? Maybe by a different brand name.
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    Anyone using Oxyclean on their equipment? Is it suitable as a cleanser for carboys and the like?
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    High Alcohol? Your Choice

    Yes I know there are several ways to look at High Alcohol wines. Some folks, I'm sure see it as an abomination while others, myself included have an interest in it. If you were to choose a wine kit to turn into a high octane batch, what would you choose? I have a strawberry/white zin that I was...
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    Heat gun on shrink caps?

    Have any of you ever used a heat gun on your shrink caps? I've got an electric heat gun I was thinking about trying. (it's like a high temperature blow dryer) Usually use it to shrink sheathing on wiring harnesses.
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    Okay, yeah so I know it's supposed to age

    Okay, yeah so I know it's got to age. Bottled my first batch last Tuesday, set a bottle aside with a vacuum cork in it for sampling. So here's the deal, I'm impatient, so I tried a little last night just to see if I had done any good. It's a Pinot Char, from Cal. Con. Looks great, taste kind of...
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    Names for your Homemade Wine?

    I'm assuming that most don't use the generic labels that are available from so many of the suppliers. I know I don't intend to, so that got me wondering.. What names are you all using for your wines and what do your labels look like? I was thinking about calling mine "American Heritage" using...
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    Coffee Filter?

    Not real sure where this question belongs, but I figured that since I'm getting ready to bottle my first batch, that this was as good a place as any. I've been reading a lot on this site about filtering prior to bottling. Problem is that I don't have any filtration equipment. The kit I'm making...
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    Talk about sweet!

    What a great deal! Or at least I thought so. Last Saturday I heard that one of the liquor stores in town was closing its doors for good, so I called and inquired about any wine racks they might be looking to get rid of. Picked up an old unit for $50.00, holds about 150 bottles. Not really too...
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    Mushroom style?

    Alright folks, What can you tell me about the mushroom style corks that came with my starter kit from E.C. Kraus. Are these okay to use for the first go around? Or should I get some straight corks? It's pretty obvious that I'll have to be handy with a mallet if I use these. Thanx, Matt
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    Sterile Solution in unused carboy?

    Hey folks, just kind of courious if any of you keep the bleach/water solution in carboy you're not using. I suppose this might not apply to many of you as you're probably always rotating in and out of them. I was just wondering if anyone had done this as a practice and if there would be any...
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    .990 in sedcondary

    Okay folks, here's the question. I've only been in the secondary for a few days, almost no activity in the airlock and the SG is .990. This is a Pinot Chardonnay from a Cal. Con. kit. Is there a problem or is it possible that it's just about finished fermenting? Would it be safe to degas and...
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    Hey yall! West KY

    Hey Yall! Well that's not really represenative of where I'm from. I grew up south of Detroit, but living in Kentucky now. (West KY) Anyway. New to the site and new to the hobby. I needed something to fill up spare time and keep me out of trouble. Not sure how that's going to work but what the...