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  1. orfy

    England Calling.

    Cheers and Hi. It's a bit slow on here but hopefully it'll pick up.
  2. orfy

    Oaking Techniques

    I've only done kits and they are presealed and just say chuck them in. So that's what I do.
  3. orfy

    Bulk storage.

    Thanks. Well the two Pet Bottles and on 5l Bag has been consumed so far!!!!!:D
  4. orfy

    Bulk storage.

    My wine making is a side line to my home brew. I'm just after making reasonably pleasant drinking wine. I'm not into prize winners and storing for years. Does any one use bulk storage for their wine. I've just done a 25l batch and have used 2x 5l bag in a box containers, 2 5l wine bottles...
  5. orfy

    My first label!

    Should look good on the bottle. Hope the wine does it justice.
  6. orfy

    England Calling.

    Hi. Just a quick hello and intro. I've just got into Home brewing and it seems a lot of the kit for wine making is the same. I brew All grain beer but am sticking to kits for the wine. I've tried a few of the top makes Grape kits for 5 litres and some of the "fruit" varieties on the 30...