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  1. parick

    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

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  2. parick

    Add oak at 6 months?

    Nice web site. You're vineyard and nursery looks great.
  3. parick

    Add oak at 6 months?

    I'll check for gas before adding the chips. thanks for the info. I'm glad to find out I can tweek the oak after 6 mons or more into aging.
  4. parick

    Add oak at 6 months?

    good point, might be tough to get out! I would end up cutting it and racking anyway! The wine is a Chilean Zinfindel from a juice bucket.
  5. parick

    Add oak at 6 months?

    would you put the 3 oz. of chips in a stocking or mesh bag with marbles for weight?
  6. parick

    Add oak at 6 months?

    I think I will try the stocking with marbles method and maybe about 1/4 c of the oak cubes. It's a 5 gal carboy.
  7. parick

    Add oak at 6 months?

    I have a Chilean bucket that has been racked three times in 6 months. All is well and tastes fine, but I did not add any oak. Now I wish I did. Is it too late? I have some American oak cubes I was thinking about adding.
  8. parick

    juice gone bad?

    My mistake it was Lodi Zin. It fermented to dry .998 . The taste is bad maybe too much sulfite? My brother had it so I'm not sure how the smell/ taste had been over the year. We could not find a cure and we dumped it.
  9. parick

    juice gone bad?

    My brother and I have been making kits for about 2 1/2 years. we got a bucket of Chilean Zin Sept 2010. Was a balanced bucket, Brix 23, TA .65, so2 50 ppm. I think we did all the right things, sulfited, pitched yeast, and resulfited after 2 months in the secondary 1/4 tsp per 6 gal. 4 months...
  10. parick

    Putting Labels On Straight

    labels If you get the bottle in the right light you'll see there is a vertical seam. put the edge of your label along that seam. Sometimes that helps keep it straight.
  11. parick

    WineXpert Wines blended

    I really have no idea what the experts would say or do. We just did it for fun. We had six people tasting. The majority liked the even blends. I'm sure the final taste in 6 months will be different than when we bottled it. :)
  12. parick

    WineXpert Wines blended

    The cab and merlot were ready for bottling according to WE instructions and the Zin was bottled about a month ago. We measured and marked a spare carboy and blended in the carboy then bottled our blends.
  13. parick

    WineXpert Wines blended

    My brother and I blended VR Cabernet and Selection Orig Merlot 50/50 very nice blend. We also did some VR Cab, SO Merlot, and Old Vine Zin. 1/3 each. That one tastes real good! We compared it to store bought Menage a trios and we think it is very similar even with no aging of our wine. We had...
  14. parick

    WineXpert 2010 Limited edition kits

    I have the Petite Verdot in the primary. Actually ready today to go to secondary. The juice was really a nice dark ruby color. They say this wine is actually a 'super cabernet'. I think I'll age it in the carboy. Can't wait to try it.
  15. parick

    WineXpert Island Mist ~ White Cranberry Pinot Gris

    Mine turned out quite well. I added 4c. of sugar early in the primary. Did not sweeten it but did boost the alc. to close to 9%. I gave most away for Christmas and everyone loved it.
  16. parick

    WineXpert WineExpert Riesling kit suggestion

    I've heard of S.Hills, but never been there. I work near Washington so A&M works well for me. My brother just bottled the WE's Washington Valley Reisling. It is very good for a young wine it should improve with a little aging as recommended.
  17. parick

    WineXpert WineExpert Riesling kit suggestion

    I'm from Pittsburgh too! Actually Bridgeville. We buy our kits at A & M Wine Supplies in Washington, PA. They have everything for making wine from novice to expert. They also give very good advice. Rick
  18. parick

    WineXpert White Cran Pinot Gris, dark color in primary?

    White Cranberry Pinot Gris ready Just bottled this wine last night. It is very nice. Easy drinking. Fruity and thin but very nice. I have some family members that will love this for Christmas.
  19. parick

    WineXpert Limited Edition Wines Announced

    I wouldn't say any of these kits, but I have seen 750 ml bottles of Stags Leap Merlot for $45/bottle, Old Vine Zin for $25 and Italian Barolo for $54.95 at the store. I doubt if the kits are equal, but from the samples I have tried they are a really nice examples of those wines.
  20. parick

    WineXpert Lodi Old Vine Zin

    I think you filter it before you age it. Try searching this thread for 'filtering'. That question has probably been answered before.