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  1. Crm

    Yeast flavor

    Last year's wine has a yeast flavor. Is that from not racking it enough?
  2. Crm

    when to add malolactic culture (Grenache)

    Does anyone have experience or opinions about when to add malolactic culture to Grenache grapes and juice?
  3. Crm

    yeast nutrient in Grenache

    I used a GRE yeast in my bucket of Grenache grapes. Not much action for two days now. When should I add yeast nutrient?
  4. Crm

    Yeast for Grenache?

    What yeast would any of you recommend for a Grenache -- one carboy from grapes and another from juice, both from Lodi. Thanks,
  5. Crm

    Vinegar from Lees

    Is it possible to make vinegar from lees? Is it a good idea?