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  1. Bossbaby

    wine rack

  2. Bossbaby

    corking question

    I just purchased a portugese floor corker and I'm wondering if the bag of #8 corks I have on hand for my hand corker will be ok to use up, or should I only be using #9 . any info would be appreciated..
  3. Bossbaby

    Racking question?

    If I add my campden tablets in primary per my recipe,would it be necessary to add any more down the road before bottling or aging? Dealing with fruit wines at the moment. Elderberry. BlackBerry. peach. pumpkin/cranberry. any feedback would be great. thanks..
  4. Bossbaby

    Topping off

    Hi gang, I'm new to wine making and I'm having a blast learning from all of you. My question is what are your thoughts about topping off with a little bit of grape or apple juice frozen concentrate? I have now learned to make a bit more wine each batch in the future for this reason..
  5. Bossbaby

    fresh elderberries

    I am about to try my first elderberry wine, my recipe calls for 1.5 to 2.5 lbs of fruit per gal. my question is whether or not I should use more fruit than that since I have it or will the flavor be overwhelming, I like a bit of flavor just not the wrong flavor??