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  1. ou8amaus

    Packlab Paklab bankruptcy & leftover of liquidation

    OK not sure if this is already general knowledge yet, but unfortunately paklab recently went bankrupt. I went by the plant today and they were liquidating any remaining kits. Apparently all the production facilities, big kit lots and equipment were already sold... Mostly to Winexpert apparently...
  2. ou8amaus

    Cellar Craft Cellar Craft Showcase Shiraz & Chateau du Pays

    Have a chance to get a couple of these kits for relatively inexpensive. New unopened 2015 date codes. I have never made Showcase series... So quick question: Does anyone have any feedback on these specific kits / brand? I really appreciate any feedback.
  3. ou8amaus

    Pricing on presses

    I am thinking of picking up a press that was initially being offered for $150... and now they have reduced the price down to $75.00. I have no idea what presses are worth second hand... Is this a deal? Thanks for your advice!
  4. ou8amaus

    Scores Again!

    Picked up a nice haul on Kijiji today... including a press, corker, 2 carboys, a few cases of bottles, plate filters and miscellaneous stuff... 50$ !!! I hate to see anyone leave this hobby... but if they do I refuse to let their stuff retire with them!;)
  5. ou8amaus

    Making a Port style wine from a Standard Wine Kit

    Recently I tried tweaking a lower end kit by reducing the water added, and making it to 5 gallon instead of 6 gallon. Along with a homemade frozen grape pack, extra tannin and extra oak... Overall I was pleased with the result (needs a little more aging time). I have also made a couple of Port...
  6. ou8amaus

    Thermometer broken glass, clever wife saves my...

    It was wine making night. I was on the third kit of the evening. Reconstituted the kit, added oak and homemade must pack. Checked temperature while stirring. heard a "rolling/scratching" noise coming from bottom of bucket. Figured it was crystalized sugar from the kit or larger peices of the...
  7. ou8amaus

    Tweaking Kits w/frozen must packs

    I have almost strictly done kit wines in the past, apart from a growing stock of db (up next is blueberry, very excited). My results since joining this site have improved remarkably (aiop, aging, various tweaks... etc) Your feedback/knowledge has always been amazing, and so I seek it again...
  8. ou8amaus

    Ahk! Rotten egg in Mosti All juice!

    Started a Mosti Mondiale Sonoma Edition Petit Syrah on Nov 8th. 6gal refrigerated all juice with crushed grapes. Fermentation had already started when I got the bucket so I do not know what the starting SG was, but it went from 1.062 on my day 1 to 1.018 in 4 days. At that point (and per the...
  9. ou8amaus

    Peristaltic pump

    Has anyone ever used one of these for racking/degassing/filtering? I am pretty happy with my AIOP, but I just saw one for sale for $60.00 fully set up with all the tubing necessary and thought it would either make a great backup or a gift for one of my winemaking buddies... I was wondering if...
  10. ou8amaus

    Packlab Adding vanilla flavour to kit

    I have a couple of the low end Paklab kits in primaries and I am pulling together a few tweaks on one of them just to see what the potential of tweaks are. For the cab I have added dextrose and blackberry jam to the primary, and will be adding Zanth currents and oak to the secondary. I would...
  11. ou8amaus

    Hello from Montreal

    Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself quickly… My name is Micky and I have been making wine/beer for about 15 years, mostly lower end kits… But over the last year I have decided to try to bring it to the next level. Feels kind of weird as I have been reading posts here daily for the...