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  1. mezzocul

    Peach wine

    Hello wine consultants, I started a peach wine from a gallon of peach concentrate from an online supplier. I added only 4 gal of spring water, wanting a more flavorful peach wine. After my first week of fermentation, and Sg less than 1.00, I racked it into a 5g carboy. Here it is 2 weeks later...
  2. mezzocul

    too much K-meta

    i am making my first batch of chilean cab grom 6 gal juice pail. After my fermentation and racking, i misread the instructions for adding k-meta. i read 1/4 tsp for 5 liters. it us for 5 gal. how do i get rid of the akready mixed k-meta? thanks.
  3. mezzocul

    help my juice has not fermented

    had some oitched fresh juice sitting in my pail and in refrigerator for several months. too many projects taking my time away from my hobby. took it out and ledt at room temp for 8 hrs tried to start the fermentation process with SG reading 1.040, not a good start. Added yeast nutrient...