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  1. OldRalHoleBrewing


    Old Ral is a shortened version of "old ralgia" -- what some of them good old Ozark folks call syphilis. An old ral hole is a hot spring with curative waters; bathing in one would heal the bather's sores, and all sorts of stories have been passed through generations regarding the bizarre...
  2. OldRalHoleBrewing


    Ginger would be a swell idea! Someone on HBT suggested I do it as a mead, I thought that sounded righteous as well. And I still have ginger root in the fridge and open fermenting space...I foresee some Cure-All Metheglin being brewed this weekend!
  3. OldRalHoleBrewing


    I originally posted this on homebrewtalk.com, and I thought I might as well share the recipe on here. I just walked five miles through a foot and a half of snow, and a glass of this cure-all is really hitting the spot! Here's the recipe for a small (2 gallon) batch I bottled and corked the...