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  1. parick

    Add oak at 6 months?

    I have a Chilean bucket that has been racked three times in 6 months. All is well and tastes fine, but I did not add any oak. Now I wish I did. Is it too late? I have some American oak cubes I was thinking about adding.
  2. parick

    juice gone bad?

    My brother and I have been making kits for about 2 1/2 years. we got a bucket of Chilean Zin Sept 2010. Was a balanced bucket, Brix 23, TA .65, so2 50 ppm. I think we did all the right things, sulfited, pitched yeast, and resulfited after 2 months in the secondary 1/4 tsp per 6 gal. 4 months...
  3. parick

    WineXpert Wines blended

    My brother and I blended VR Cabernet and Selection Orig Merlot 50/50 very nice blend. We also did some VR Cab, SO Merlot, and Old Vine Zin. 1/3 each. That one tastes real good! We compared it to store bought Menage a trios and we think it is very similar even with no aging of our wine. We had...
  4. parick

    WineXpert White Cran Pinot Gris, dark color in primary?

    I just started this kit last night. I am concerned how brown or dark tan it is. Is that from the Bentonite?
  5. parick

    WineXpert Lodi Old Vine Zin

    Just got this into the primary. Anyone have any experience with this kit? It is the 16 L kit. How long should it age?
  6. parick

    WineXpert VR Chardonnay with bananas added.

    Has anyone tried adding bananas to the VR Chardonnay to add body?
  7. parick

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    I'm new to wine making and love it so far. My first 3 are by WE. Luna Rosa, Luna Bianca and Stag's Leap Merlot. I just bottled the Luna Rosa last weekend. Looking forward to trying it. Rick