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    New Wine Documentary

    All about the study prep that goes into taking the Master Sommerlier Exam: http://www.jbwpro.com/JBWpro/SOMM.html
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    Court of Master Sommeliers

    I'm a little excited and want to share the news. Today, I succesfully enrolled in the Introductory Course which is the first level of becoming a Master Sommelier. I am only looking to become a Certified Sommelier (Level 2) but still seems pretty cool. You can get more information here...
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    Cicerone Certification

    For those of you working in the food/hospitality industry, or for the beer enthusiasts like myself, you may find this wealth of knowledge helpful: http://www.cicerone.org/ Scuba
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    Wine & Spirit Education Trust

    Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I last posted on here and wanted to give you guys a brief update. I enrolled and finished the foundation certificate of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) today. The foundation course provides information to front of house staff about how wine...
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    Coffee Wine

    Hello! So while sitting enjoying a cup of coffee and reading these forums, a light blub went off, and I thought why not make coffee wine!?!?! So a quick trip over to Jack Keller's website provided me with the appropiate recipe: <CENTER>COFFEE WINE (1)</CENTER> <UL> <LI>½ lb freshly...
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    Strawberry White Zin

    Ok so my three new kits came in yesterday and being excited as usual Irushed to get one fermenting. I picked the Strawberry White Zin to start first, they only provided one gallon of juice so I added that plus 5 gals of water to the fermenter. Threw in some bentonite...
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    Wines for Summer

    Hello again! Before summer comes to an end here, I wanted to start 3 new kits and I need your help choosing which ones to start. I am looking to start two new white kits, and one more red. For the whites I am looking for a kit that I can ferment and bottle in as short as time possible...
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    Winking Owl Chardonnay

    I was at Aldi's yesterday (Local discount food retailer) and they always have a section with heavily discounted wines. I was able to pick up two bottles; a Chardonnay and a Merlot. Both of these were Winking Owl brand and each came in at $3.99. I have only had the chance to try the Chardonnay...
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    Hey guys, I was looking into getting a couple new kits to start for summer and I stumbled across this: http://www.finevinewines.com/ProdDetA.asp?PartNumber=4881C I know its not wine, but what is this all about? I didn't know you could make this at home so easily, or so it appears. Has...
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    Eaiser Sparkling Wine Idea

    While readinga topicposted on another forum about how to add c02to allow for sparkling wine,I had a weird idea pop into my head that I wanted to run past you guys. I once read an article, it might have been in Wine Maker Magazine, about how winemakers after topping off their carboys will drop in...
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    Bottling Question - more chemicals?

    Hey guys, I have (3) 6 gal carboys I will be bottling. One of each, Chianti, Cab Franc, and Pinot Noir. Here is the timeline for these wines: Racked into carboy on 11/29/08 Added 1/4tspk-meta and 1/2tsp sorbate on 1/6/09 racked and added 1/4tsp k-meta 8/4/09 added 1/4tsp k-meta on...
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    Carboy Aging

    Hey guys, I have three fresh juice wines, Chianti, Cab Franc, and Pinot Noir. They went into the carboy on 11/29/08 and on 1/6/09 I added 1/4 tsp k-meta and 1/2 tsp sorbate. I racked them 8/4/09 and added 1/4tsp k-meta. How long can I safely keep them in the carboy before I need to bottle them...
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    How to clean a dirty carboy?

    So I bought two carboys off criagslist and just went to pick them up. Paid $20 each for two 5 gal carboys. Anyway they have been sitting in this guys attic for a couple years and have some junk on them. I rinsed them off and they look lots better but how do you get your carboys to sparkle...
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    Wine Making Business

    I think I posted a topic about this a while ago, but after a couple different searches I couldnt find it so alas I post anew. About 6 months to a year ago a place near me opened up that allowed you to make a kit wine at thier location. You would go in, choose what kit you wanted, start it...
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    Gassing your wine?

    Well I know some people once they rack like to lay down a layer of co2 over their wine by just pumping it in. I think I may have found a better way to do this, why cant you just take a small piece of dry ice, drop it into the wine, and put the bung and airlock onto the carboy? As the dry ice...
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    Buon Vino jet filter

    So I wanted to get a better filter then the current vinbrite filter that I have now. I was looking at the Buon Vino Jet Filter. I was looking to see if anyone had any comments or recommendations for it. I heard it has a cool down period but dont know what that means or how much of a pain it is...
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    Problem with the Red Zin

    Well I have discovered a small problem with my Red Zinfendal. I currently have 20-22 bottles left from the kit and I found that there is quite a mess inside about half the bottles ~10. When you hold the bottle upto the light there is a decent amount (more then im comfortable with) of little...
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    Question about which beer kit to choose?

    Well I decided to try a beer kit. I dont really know that much about beer or what kit to choose but is there a kit that george sells that would be comparable to a Bud Light? Scuba
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    Cab Fran, Pinot Noir, Merlot - Testing?

    Hi guys! Well I have a story and need some help. Couple months ago at the winery I work at the manager asked me I was making any fresh juice wine this year. I said most likely not becuase during August-October I was incredible busy and wouldnt have time to ferment it and rack becuase I was...
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    Two of my wines received medals!

    So I entered two of my wines into this competition: Cellarmasters http://www.winepress.us/forums/index.php?showtopic=27586&amp;st=0 They both received bronze medals! I cant wait to get the judges notes back. I entered the Mezza Luna Red and the Red Zinfandel. Both being kit wines I am...