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    Red muscadine wine ques..

    I've been making "red muscadine wine" for about 5 years. Ive always let the juice, hulls, seeds, ferment together for about 3 to 5 days until i get a s.g. of about 1.030 in a open primary, then press to 2ndary. I was recently told this was all wrong, this will make a bitter wine! I should...
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    Why wont my white wine ferment?

    I'm making a white wine from bronze muscadines. The juice and ingredients are in the carboy and will not ferment, no action at all. This has been going on about a week." S.G.1.086","Pot Alc 11.5", "T.A.7.0", and hasnt changed at all. The wine is clearing up from no agitation, and sediments in...
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    I'm glad to have found this site. You guys are full of useful information. I'm looking forward to asking questions and hopefully can answer a few.