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  1. J

    What order do you do the following?

    Once you have finished wine, what order do you do the following? Back sweetening Oaking Blending Filtering Thanks in advance!
  2. J

    Still cloudy after Kieselsol/Chitosan pack?

    Dralarms... yes, they were juices, not kits.
  3. J

    Still cloudy after Kieselsol/Chitosan pack?

    Thanks for the reply! I know it seems short, but it looked fairly clear, it only had a haze that just didn't look like it was going anywhere. My Cayuga, I would look at it every day and see a noticable movement in the line of clearing. I thought my Seyval just had something stubborn in it.
  4. J

    Still cloudy after Kieselsol/Chitosan pack?

    I have 2 carboys presently going... Seyval Blanc & Cayuga. They are both 1 month past being racked off the primary fermentation. During that first month of secondary fermentation, the Seyval was clearing more slowly than the Cayuga during the first 2 weeks... to a point where it eventually just...
  5. J


    Hello! I presently have 3 batches of wine going through primary fermentation. Once everything is cleared and finished, I'd like to experiment with oaking some of it. My 3 batches are Cayuga White, Seyval Blanc, and Concord. Any suggestions you may have from your own experiences of oaking...
  6. J


    Hello, I've made a couple wine kits, and de-gassing was a very important step in the process (with the wand and a drill, etc). Now I have a couple batches of fresh juice going from a winery, and their instructions say nothing about having to de-gas? Just wondering why it was so crucial in the...
  7. J

    Wine conditioner?

    Hello! Just wanted to get some feedback from people who have back sweetened wine already. Has anyone used a wine conditioner instead of the boiled sugar water method? Any preference between the 2 methods? Thanks in advance! JPD
  8. J


    Thanks for the help, Johnd!
  9. J


    Thanks for the info, Johnd! Speaking of temperature questions, the other initial confusing thing I found is that it's important that the must temperature is in this small range (say 70-78) so it's not too hot to kill the yeast, and not to cold to slow or stall it, but when you read up on the...
  10. J


    Thank you! I'm making a 6gal RJS Sauvignon blanc kit. I'm a little concerned about finding the right places in the house to keep my carboy at (temperature range wise) as I move it from step to step. I'm not really sure how much leeway there is from the suggested temp ranges in the instructions?
  11. J


    Hi everyone! I am a beginner wine maker who is a few days away from transferring my first wine kit from the primary fermenter to the carboy. I already have a million questions just as I'm guessing (hoping) many of you had when you began. I look forward to hearing your advice along my wine journey!