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  1. Mcjeff

    What's for Dinner?

    Today is our anniversary. Original plan we were going to be in Jamaica, but due to Covid we pushed it out a year. So..surf and turf with some of her favorites. Lobster bisque soup, mashed potatoes, lobster tail, angus tenderloin sous vide. We also made macarons for the 1st time and they...
  2. Mcjeff

    What R you doing today?

    Very nice!
  3. Mcjeff

    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
  4. Mcjeff

    Post a photo, any photo

    I’m good with more sunset pictures. Northeast Ohio the other night from my back patio
  5. Mcjeff

    What's for Dinner?

    Thanks and also to Ibglowin for the link. I remember seeing your project. We moved to a new house and a pizza oven has always been on my plan I’m not sure when it will get to the top of the list though.
  6. Mcjeff

    What's for Dinner?

    Looks good. What is your new pizza oven/setup?
  7. Mcjeff

    Label Peelers: Up to 50% off entire store

    I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. Last time I did a Riesling I cold soaked it to let the crystals drop and did a backsweetening bench trial. I don’t recall doing any real tweaks, but open to ideas!
  8. Mcjeff

    Label Peelers: Up to 50% off entire store

    I’m not sure if it is the same people running the store as when it was in Kent, OH. I agree they used to be friendly and helpful. They moved to a warehouse in Ravenna and I haven’t seen the same people there. In the new location I asked a question and was told they couldn’t help because they...
  9. Mcjeff

    Label Peelers: Up to 50% off entire store

    I just did. Private reserve Bordeaux and reserve Australian Traminer-Riesling.
  10. Mcjeff

    All in One 15% Off for March 2020

    And a 4th of July sale?
  11. Mcjeff

    WE Island Mist Tweaks

    Peach Apricot Chardonnay. So, by mistake I put the f-pack in at the beginning. I planned to add grape concentrate, but grabbed the F-pack instead. Should I let it go to dry and back sweeten or stop fermentation with the sorbate before dry? Starting SG was 1.09(I added sugar also). Any...
  12. Mcjeff

    Finally built my wine rack

    We recently moved so it presented an opportunity to make a new cellar. I built ladder racks using the design from “The Homebuilt Winery” book and the diamond racks from @sourgrapes. Thank you for the drawings and notes!
  13. Mcjeff

    What's for Dinner?

    While isolating and working from home Margarita Monday is a thing right? So for Taco Tuesday we did it again. Don’t worry back to wine Wednesday tomorrow. 😉
  14. Mcjeff

    Moving - should I try to transplant my vines?

    Thanks for the feedback. I plan to give it a try. I’m hoping it will get me to grapes quicker than starting over and I just hate to see them go to waste.
  15. Mcjeff

    Moving - should I try to transplant my vines?

    We are moving in May. I have vines that are 3 and 4 years old and the new owner is not interested in the vines, so I would like to transplant them. I figure that it is spring and my vines are fairly young so they might have a chance. My vines are Cayuga, chambourcin, Marquette and Noiret...
  16. Mcjeff

    What's for Dinner?

    On furlough so I don’t have to work tomorrow...grocery run a lot of pork sales like a buy one get one pork shoulders. I just put them in the smoker for lunch and dinner for tomorrow
  17. Mcjeff

    Mrs JohnT.

    Glad to hear he good news.
  18. Mcjeff

    WMT app

    I thought I remember doing this for some other site, but for IOS,( IPad)I don’t see a Save File option.
  19. Mcjeff

    Malolactic Fermentation Help

    Thanks. I just ordered some CH16.
  20. Mcjeff

    Malolactic Fermentation Help

    Thanks for the comments Sorry I didn’t reply earlier. A little busy here lately. I’m thinking it was SO2 issues. I used Kmeta to sanitize. Maybe to much residual left. Also I know the Cabernet I accidentally added some when I racked. Both were buckets of juice. PH was 3.6 using a test strip...