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    USAF holiday flash mob

    We just got out of the stone age and replaced our 25" RCA tv with a 60" smart tv and sound bar. While cruising youtube for Christmas music, mostly Trans Siberian stuff, I came across this. Thought it was awesome. Scott http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIoSga7tZPg
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    1n NaOH

    Our local supply store only had 1n NoAH. I am looking to dilute it down to .2. It appears straight forward but just wanted verify before messing something up. Thanks, Scott
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    Clearing problems

    I have 2 batches of wine that I have not been able to clear. I generally let them clear on there own and have not had a problem with them clearing within 3 to 6 months. The first is a banana wine that is 3 years old. I don't have any intentions on bottling as it has a very strong banana...
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    Huge score or major headache

    A 5 year old 1 acre vineyard with 650 vines. I called a local lady to try and buy some grapes. She said between black rot other pests and birds she ended up with nothing. She then asked if I would be interested in her vineyard. She would like someone to take it over and continue to operate...
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    Has anyone used Lysozyme

    I have a 8 gallon batch of wine from St.Croix grapes. It was very acidic and I have not been able to bring the acid down enough. I tried a sample backsweetened to 1.01 and it is very good. My problem is it has been through MLF and I am not sure I want to risk the batch going geranium on me...
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    Cranberry (ocean spray)

    I am starting a batch of cranberry using 5 gallons of ocean spray juice, an additional 4 cans of frozen cranberry concentrate and 4 lbs sugar. SG 1.09 For those of you who have made this, will I need to add grape concentrate for body? Tannins? Ta is at 10.5, I am thinking this might be okay...
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    Another Craigslist Score

    I was not in need of any Carboys at this time. Figured I might be needing another 1 or 2 later this summer. But then a craigslist posting shows up on my phone with a heading "wine bottles $150". Turns out his wine bottles were 30 5 gallon carboys and 25 gallon jugs. They have been sitting in...
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    Black Friday at Midwest Supply

    Midwest supplies has some in store speacials on friday 5 gal carboy for $20 6 gal for $26 some online deals on wine kits also. SJO
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    Dandelion wine (Lucs recipe)

    I just racked a 5 gal batch of dandelion wine from the primary. Awesome aromas coming from it. Quite a change from a week ago when when it almost got dumped. According to Luc's recipe he let the flowers steep in water for 3 days before adding k-meta. I couldn't bring myself to do that so I added...
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    Wine rack cellar on craigslist

    Found this on Craigslist. Not sure if it's a good price. But it would be nice to have. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/wsh/bfs/2470001539.html
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    I got about 1.5 gallons of frozen currant juice from my Mother in law. She got it from a friend. They do not recall how many lbs of currants it took to get this much so I am trying to come up with a game plan before I thaw it out. I don't want to mess with less than a 3 gallon batch. I have read...
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    Midwest supplies 10% off through oct 31

    I had my eye on the frozen grapes from midwest supplies. They had a 2007 Napa River Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon on sale for $49.95. They currently have a 10% off promo through the end of the month on there entire stock. Just ordered 2 buckets for $89 for both. First time real grapes. Now I have to...
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    Wine cellar door on craigslist

    Anyone looking for a wine cellar door? Found this on craigslist. http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/fuo/1973426671.html
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    Ascorbic Acid

    I am learning from Tom, Came home with 60lbs of free bananas today. Thought I had all the ingredients for wade's banana wine. Found I didn't have Ascorbic Acid. What is it's function in this wine? Can I do without or add later? Thanks Scott PS- the learning from Tom part was finding free...
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    Bloody Mary Reborn

    My wife makes salsa and cans the leftover juice. I've been mixing it with the jalepeno wine. Awsome:r SJO
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    No bottle score today!

    I went to the local small winery today to inquire about bottles. I have 3 batches soon to bottle and need to aquire them quicker than the 3 or 4 at a time I have been doing. I asked what they do with the old wine tasting bottles and the owner said they recycle them, and they ask there...
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    strawberry chocolate

    I made a batch of strawberry chocolate about a year ago. I used hersheys cocoa in the primary and backsweetened with hersheys syrup and sugar to bring final gravity to 1.015. The wine starts with good strawberry flavor and finishes then lingers with hersheys unsweetened cocoa flavor in the...
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    K-meta and septic tanks

    As I have done may times before I Just dumped 2 gallons of old k-meta sanitizing solution down the drain. Now I start to wonder if that will have a detrimental effect on the septic tank and all that is needed to keep it healthy. I tend to think it might be diluted enough but am not sure. Any...
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    I scored- thanks to midwestwine

    I went to the garage sale midwestwine posted from craigs list minneapolis. I search almost daily for stuff on craigs list but somehow my keywords never picked up the listing. I got there about an 1 1/2 after they opened, the first thing I found was a 9 gallon primary with lid for $1. I didn't...
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    Dandelion questions

    I have been collecting dandelions for Luc's dandelion strawberry wine.(read the blog also) I currently have about 1 gallon of petals. Jack Keller has a dandelion recipe that has won medals in competition that uses the dandelion head. He says drinkable in 6 month but better to age a year. That...