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    Strawberry Jam

    Hi, I am making that jam wine, it's moving along well. I moved it from the primary to a secondary last week, left 3liters of guck in the bottom of the fermentor. I noticed soon after that there was quite a bit of guck that made it to the secondary, so I filtered it today to get out the...
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    The first few days

    Hi all, I am new to making wine and I am curious. Why is the primary fermenter left open for a few days days without a water lock? Then the wine is racked into a secondary with a lock for some time. Doesn't the yeast eat up the sugars without making any wine of it when it's exposed to air? Billy
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    Luc's Strawberry Jam wine

    Luc, I saw your recepie last night and rushed out today to the AH to get the jam, sounds absoutly nuts, I just couldn't resist. Now I have got everything together and wanted to read you write up again and it is gone... where did it go? Billy
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    Hi all.

    I've just joined the forum, and overlooked this section. I should have said hello to all first. I haven't made wine yet, just getting all the equiptment together and doing lots of reading. Trying to learn the lingo and all that. So I'll be around askin lots of silly questions, I hope you all...
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    Special wine Yeast?

    Hi, I have a couple questions. I was looking for yeast cause I want to make some cherry wine. I saw some yeast on the local brewer's site and it has the 'killer' factor and it says that it can handle a high alcohol content, "up to20%". They don't list an EC-number, it's just called special...