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    Beginning Equipment

    So how much are you making? 10-15 gallons?
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    Beginning Equipment

    Thanks! Yea here in Michigan, themps in summer can reach 90-100 F. But most wine fermenting is done in the fall when grapes are available & temps are more moderate. I would've looking at other fruit based wines though to do. So I guess if I had some sort of controlled environment of 50-70f I...
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    Our winery

    Galen,. First of all nice set up. Maybe you can help a dreamer starting up. My whole concern with getting equipment for a much smaller winery is temp control. What did you do in the beginning or have you always used glycol with jackets? Im considering two rooms......one cooled by means of air...
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    TTB question - lease to ourselves?

    I may have to pick your brain more as I am in Michigan & thinking of opening a small winery. I have some questions. If you can PM me that would be great to talk off of the forum.
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    Beginning Equipment

    I am also looking for similar advice. Crossing over from beer brewing to wine/mead making. I started & still using plastic tanks which have served us well for the cost. My question is with either, plastic or stainless, how are you (anyone on the forum) temperature controlling the fermentation...