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  1. bakervinyard

    Lactic Acid Bacterial Infection

    I have a 2 year old Chilean Cabernet Franc juice bucket that I believe has a lactic acid bacterial infection. Some back ground on the process. I picked up 3 Chilean juice buckets almost 2 years ago. I fermented all at the same time, individually. When I went to the LBHS to pick up my...
  2. bakervinyard

    compensation for bottling help

    I have question for the community. When you are bottling your wine and you have either a family member help or a good friend what is the "pay" scale in bottles ? Say you bottle 3 carboys what is a fair amount of the newly bottled wine to give to your helpers ? 6 bottles each ? That's a little...
  3. bakervinyard

    chestnut barrel ?

    I was at my LHBS before the holidays and he had a 27gal barrel priced at $240.00. I thought it was a little on the low price side. I was back there today and then I noticed it was a chestnut barrel. Has anyone heard of a chestnut barrel. The owner said it wasn't toasted. Anyone ever work with a...
  4. bakervinyard

    What are you serving for Thanksgiving dinner

    This is what we'll be drinking for Thanksgiving dinner at my daughters house. VDV Reisling - 3 years old White Cranberry Pinor Gris, tweaked with 2 pounds of cranberries and 3 pounds of sugar. Peach Chardonnay - 3 pounds of suger added to primary fermentation Chillian Malbec VDV...
  5. bakervinyard

    used bourbon barrels for wine ?

    Saw an add on craigs list for used bourbon barrels for sale. Can they be used for ageing wine.?Would the bourbon flavor over power the wine ? They are 5 gal. barrels for 75.00. Any feedback ? Thanks, Bakervinyard
  6. bakervinyard

    big problem dumping sediment down the drain ?

    I have a question for all fellow wine makers. Does everyone just dump your sediment, lees down your sink drain ? I've been doing this for years and this past week my sink in the basement backed up. I checked the p-trap, that wasn't it. I took the cap off one of my clean-outs, water went all over...
  7. bakervinyard

    Pinot noir numbers, should I lower acid

    Picked up 3 lugs of Pinot Noir grapes yesterday, these are my numbers. PH 3.4 TA .9 Brix 26 Temp is 58 as of now, had it cold soaking overnite. Should I lower the acid or raise the ph to say maybe 3.6 ? I wasn't planing on doing a MLF so I could retain as much fruityness of...
  8. bakervinyard

    18 month old, 35 gallon problem

    My brother in law called and he wants me to help him out. His father passed away the week of Christmas and left behind 35 gallons of 2012 wine. He wants me to take it off his hands. Its been in an oak barrel for 15 months. I only have about 60 bottles available to use. Can I bottle some and put...
  9. bakervinyard

    Resanitize Bottles ?

    I planned on bottling a couple batches of wine over the weekend and sanitized my bottles last Thursday night. Well life got in the way and I didn't bottle my wine. I sanitized them and then put them on the bottle tree, I didn't rinse them. Do I need to resanitize them or can I go ahead and...
  10. bakervinyard

    Is Malolactic Fermentation done ?

    I have a Chilian Pinot Noir juice that I started in May. My Mlf test for the past month have read 75mg/l. Can I consider this finished ? My temperture is 73 degrees. PH 3.4, Free so-2 18-28, but my acid is a little high .9. Can I rack, sulfur, then adjust my acid ? Thanks in advance, Bakervinyard
  11. bakervinyard

    Problem with my corks ?

    I grabbed a bottle from my basement and I noticed a "brownish" stain on the top. I don't know if it is a mold or what. The wine tasted fine, I just bottled it a month ago. I checked the other bottles quite a few had this "mold" on top. Can't figue out what it is. The bottles were sanitized, I...
  12. bakervinyard

    Topping up Chilean juice bucket

    What would be better ? My Chilean Merlot juice finished MLF, racked to carboy to add my clarifiers and I need to top up the carboy. Should I use a Merlot from last year or should I use some juice from a lug of Chilean grapes from this year, grapes not quite done with MLF. Had to ferment...
  13. bakervinyard

    "Stuck Fermentation" Not !

    I started a Chilean Pinot Noir juice bucket back in May. I also added a lug of Pinot Noir grapes to the primary. I checked the P.H., Acid and S.G.and brought it to room temp. Pitched my yeast (rc212) and monitered the temp and kept checking the S.G. every other day. I added yeast nutrient and...
  14. bakervinyard

    High Starting S.G. of cranberry wine

    I'm making a cranberry wine and the directions call for a starting S.G. of 1.085. I've followed the directions and I'm at 1.104. I'm following the recipe from Wade's thread from a few years ago. 21 pounds of cranberries, 15 pounds of sugar and 5 gallons of water. The yeast i'm useing is...
  15. bakervinyard

    MLF mess up

    Question, I accidently stopped MLF on the wrong wine. I added 1/8 teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite to the wrong wine. I had 2 juice pails going through MLF. 1 was complete tested at 30mg/l, but racked the wrong carboy that was only at 75mg/l. Will it be ok, can I go ahead and add my...
  16. bakervinyard

    First time using Star San

    Using Star San for the first time. I'm getting ready to bottle 180- 187ml. of wine for my daughters wedding. I won't be able to sanitize all in one day. My question is can I leave the Star San solution in a air tight bucket for a couple of days or should I toss it out after each use. Thanks in...
  17. bakervinyard

    WineXpert Stuck Fermentation on Chocolate Raspberry Port ?

    Need some advice. Started my CRP on Thursday 9-27 SG 1.130, temp. 75 checked SG on Sun. was 1.055 started chapitalisation on Thur. 10-4 temp. 79, SG 1.018 I went with step feeding the dextrose 150 grams at a time. After first feeding SG 1.022. Fri. 10-5 SG 1.018 temp. 78,150 more grams...
  18. bakervinyard

    WineXpert Did I mess up Chocolate Raspberry Port

    I started my Chocolate Raspberry Port yesterday. S.G. was 1.130, Temp. was 75 degree's. I ferment in my basement and the temperature is in the Hi 60's. I placed a brew belt on my fermentor, came home from work today and checked on the port. The temperature of the fermentor was 90 degree's. I...
  19. bakervinyard

    Other Help with the S.G.

    Started a new wine kit today and the S.G. is not where it needs to be. The kit is Cellar Classic Winery Cabernet. I followed the directions to a "T". The temperture is 78 degrees, but the S.G. is only 1.080. The kit directions calls for a starting S.G. of 1.096-1.010. I didn't add the yeast yet...
  20. bakervinyard

    measureing ingredients for all juice wine

    Newbie here, I have made 10-12 kits to date. Pleasantly surprised how well they came out. I want to try an all juice wine. Is there a book to read explaining how much yeast to get the primary fermentation going. Also how do I measure the yeast and the other ingredients for an all juice wine...