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  1. tomheli

    blue cheese

    how can you tell if it bad does it get old or just better
  2. tomheli

    when to remove raisins

    i am doing a welches grape juice w/raisins about to rack from primary should i remove or leave then in the secondary and for how long are they useful to the ferment
  3. tomheli


    has anybody tryed using agave nector seems like it would work not add much flavor and disolves easy
  4. tomheli

    did i get bad juice?

    i got 3 pails of italian red cab sav transfered to carboy within 1/2 an hour had what seems to look like cottage cheese, a lot of white bits swirling around some sinking , anyone ever see this, thanks for any help you can give i would like to save juice if i can.