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  1. J

    Juice from wineries

    I live on Long Island and there are a few local wineries that offer juice for retail. Does anyone have any experience with this? What are the quantities? Prices? Features, advantages or benefits? Thanks!
  2. J

    Chilean Juice

    I got a 23 liter bucket of cab/merlot juice yesterday, it was refrigerated before it made the trip home and was around 65 degrees when I got it. The lid was bulging and when I removed the grommet, gas came out. Tonight it was up to 74 degrees and when I opened it to pitch it was very frothy and...
  3. J

    Hi From Nassau County Long Island

    I'm Mayo with my first batch of wine in day 2 in a primary. My sister in law's father got me started and I am about to start a second batch. I home brewed a few batches of beer that turned out excellent a few years ago and am excited about making wine. I am a little anxious but bring the "relax...
  4. J

    Starting a Second Batch

    I have a 16 liter kit in a primary fermenter and just received a 23 liter kit in a bucket/primary fermenter. I think I need to start this new batch in a day, so I will have two batches in two primary fermenters, but I only have one carboy. I think I want to leave my first batch in the carboy...
  5. J

    Primary Fermentation Temp

    I'm fermenting my first batch of World Vineyard Sangiovese in my basement and it is hovering around 65 degrees. Will this temp kill the yeast or prolong my primary fermentation?