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    WineXpert Opinions on Wine Expert Sauv Blancs?

    Hello, Just curious what the opinion of the forum is on Wine Expert savignon blanc choices. As a variety, sauv blanc is the our current favorite white wine. I started out making the basic VR Sav Blanc last year. The result was good, but a little too thin for our taste (taste tested on...
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    WineXpert Winexpert Kit - too much Leas In Secondary?

    Hello everyone, I started a Leibfraumilch Winexpert kit aout 2 weeks ago and transferred to secondary 4 days ago. The wine was fairly cloudy and I wasn't overly careful about keeping the amount of leas transferred to the secondary to a minimum. I've been noticing that there has been a...
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    WineXpert Winexpert Pinot Grigio- when exactly to start clarification?

    Hi, I am in trying my first wine kit and have a question about when to add the metabisulphite, sorbate, and isinglass. I know that the directions say when the sg reaches .996 or less and holds stable for 2 days, but my hydrometer is inaccurate and fairly difficult to read consistently. I...