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    Oaking Sangiovese wine

    Morewine has oak spheres. I got them for Christmas a few years back and they work great! Thay don't have as much surface area as a stave or spiral so it is a little easier to control the oak (for those of us that can be a little more absent minded!)
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    Help Needed

    Definitely. Mix then between the 3 gallon jugs. They will also mellow over time. Hang in there!
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    Help Needed

    Hi farmhorse, what are you fermenting? Is it from fresh fruit or juice? What yeasts are you using and how much? What are the temperatures like where you are fermenting? How does it taste now? There are a lot of things that could be going on, but we need a little more data. I have always...
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    Extended Maceration: 3 Weeks

    I love to cold soak the grapes, but I do it before fermentation. It is typically between 5 and 10 days depending on how the grapes and must smell and look. Risky, yes. And I have lost a few batches for it. I agree with the rest of the team - plus, there are plenty of organisms that can live...
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    Hello All

    Welcome, Joel! Looking forward to sharing experiences and hearing some good stories! It sounds like you may have a few of both!
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    Welcome! What kind of wines do you like to make?
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    Basket press advice...

    The basket press is nice. The corner is a work of art! Nice grab on them both! They are both functional and ornamental. I love the old mechanical stuff especially when I can use it!
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    2020 Fall Grape Season Coming Up

    Are you cutting back this year!?!🤣
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    2020 is happening.

    You guys are killing me! I am going to take two months off next year and I am coming to california to "hang out." I plan to come back to illinois with a 18 wheeler, a black trans am, a nice moustache and a load of high quality grapes! Keep those pix coming!
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    Vintage 2019

    I am glad you posted. I am getting mouvedre this year and was thinking RP-15 since that is my go-to for petite sirah. I am going to have to rethink that now after our thread conversation last year. What yeast was the other 15 gallons fermented with? I have BM-45 and D-254 also on hand...
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    Yeast issue

    The key is speed. The bread yeast is working now. You need to get the wine yeast in there immediately to have the best possible effect. Good luck! If you need an quality tester just let me know! 😉
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    2020 is happening.

    I love seeing the postings from you california guys. Someday I will make it out there. In the mean time I will live vicariously through your postings! Those grape bunches are beautiful!
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    New Member

    Welcome to the Forum. Lots of knowledge and humor here and everyone is willing to share it too! What are you interested in making? Wine from grapes, juice or "other?"
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    Corona Virus & Day to Day

    Thank you for sharing. I noticed the link in their post was for SARS. That said SARS is a virus and, the most effective sanitizer I.e. lease amount of contact time... is still bleach and peroxide. Stay safe out there, everyone. Wash your hands, clean and sanitize your homes. And get ready...
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    Juice buckets vs Concentrate

    I can get buckets for $50-60 and usually have skins on hand to mix in. For the price and quality I would go for buckets everytime. I have heard that the colors are not true due to the way the juices are processes and that the factories blend a bit of color back in. And I often wonder how...
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    Frozen pails of must...are they worth it?

    @Ajmassa Here is the email from them that I just received. It is a bit contradictory to what you found. Sounds like they may rent a freezer in the fall... "Chris The freezer closed. Folks who ordered during the fall had their grapes shipped to a freezer in south Chicago for pick=up. From...
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    Frozen pails of must...are they worth it?

    Hopefully they are bringing it back to Chicago! 2018/ early 2019 they had a closing sale for the Chicago warehouse and it is not on the order form for 2019. :-(. I sent the an email and we will find out for sure! @Johnd no worries! That is not typically where you would order out of...:)
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    Frozen pails of must...are they worth it?

    John, unfortunately Brehm does not have distribution here anymore. They closed the operation last year. They only sell out of Washington, Cali and Scranton PA...
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    Other Vacuum Pump???

    I finally got to try out my Christmas present! We bottled 16 gallons yesterday with the AIO. I also transfered another 6gal. It was easy to set up and run and clean! Sooo much better than gravity filling and I didn't have to lift a single carboy. I should have listened to the team sooner...
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    Zinfandel - what's different?