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  1. Sacalait

    Garlic wine

    Just started (2 days ago) a 1gal batch of garlic wine. Chopped 3/4gal of fresh garlic along with the leaves. Pitched 1118 into a gal. of water sweetened to 1.085. It's working vigorously but stinks like hell. I don't intend to drink this stuff but intend to use it for cooking.
  2. Sacalait

    Alcohol Extraction

    I'd like to extract the alcohol from some wine before dumping it down the drain. I've heard this can be done by freezing it. Is there a certain technique for this or do you just put it in the freezer until frozen and drain off what doesn't freeze? I've just set 2 1-gallon milk jugs in as an...
  3. Sacalait

    Loquat (Japanese Plum) tea

    I've heard that Asians make a health tea from loquat leaves. Does anyone have a recipe for this?
  4. Sacalait

    Bud break

    Spring has sprung here in the south. Bud break on muscadines and grapes. New growth on pecan trees, citrus trees, pomagranite, fig trees, blueberry bushes, loquat trees and blackberry bushes.:ea:br
  5. Sacalait

    NOT Christmas decorations

    Tangerines...these won't be ready for another month, at least- but aren't they pretty?
  6. Sacalait

    Acid reduction

    Potassium bicarbonate in conjunction with cream of tartar works in reducing tartaric acid but will it work on any other acids like citric acid?
  7. Sacalait


    Soon I will be starting a batch (5gals) of orange wine using Kellers recipe that calls for bananas and raisins. Since I plan to omit the raisins I will add enough tannin in place of them, is there a rule of thumb on the addition of this ingredient?
  8. Sacalait

    Portuguese Floor Corker

    I've had the corker for ~5yrs. and would like to disassemble it for general maintenance and cleaning but am reluctant to attempt this not having a manual to go by. Has anyone done this and are there any tricks involved?
  9. Sacalait

    Making vinegar... on purpose

    I'm trying my hand at this for the first time. I took a gallon of muscadine wine and added a cup of apple cider vinegar with the "mother". Hope this works.
  10. Sacalait

    Hard Lemonade

    Does anyone have a recipe for Mike's Hard Lemonade?
  11. Sacalait

    Cornmeal fungicide

    Cornmeal as a fungicide, go figure! Anyway, Texas A&M did a study using cornmeal and cornmeal saturated water as a fungicide. For more info. do a Google search on garden fungicide for the article. I'm in the process of trying it with the purchase of 50# of feed stock cornmeal.
  12. Sacalait

    Steam juicer

    Luc, I've noted that you use a steam juicer and my question for you is how do you correlate a recipe for berries that call for 15#~20# when after juicing with the steamer you end up with maybe a gallon or less of juice? Also, how do you tell when you've extracted [B]all[B] the juice? I steam...
  13. Sacalait


    Just received my new toy and calibrated it. Everything was good until I compared it to the hydrometer, so I checked the hydrometer and it was right on. The discrepancy was hydrometer-5% brix and the toy was 9% brix. Well folks that's a whole lot of difference and I'm at a loss.
  14. Sacalait

    Scored, Bull S--t

    Today I happily received 2 wagon loads of barn yard manure and spread where I wanted it. My brother in law cleaned out his barn of 3-5 year old manure (mostly powder). I was a happy camper.
  15. Sacalait

    Sacalait's muscadine vineyard

    For those inquiring minds.
  16. Sacalait

    Cowie Wine Festival for amature winemakers

    Where: Cowie winery- Paris, Arkansas When: April 24-25 Objective: Fellowship, winemakers competition The overall top prize will be one once of GOLD! One once of silver awarded for the best in each of three catagories.
  17. Sacalait


    Do any of you add glycerin and if so, in what quantities to a 5-6gal batch?
  18. Sacalait

    Hello from the bayou state

    I know the state has got a bad image but we're trying to turn it around. My main ingredients for wine are muscadines and from there I go on to fig, strawberry, blackberry and blueberry. I've been at this for 15+ years and hope to learn from and contribute to the forum.
  19. Sacalait


    I'm excited, the muscadines are greening up and have flower buds. Springtime is a wonderful time of year.
  20. Sacalait

    Egg whites

    I've been told that egg whites have long been used to clarify the wine. At what point are they added in the process?