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  1. GaDawg


    Anyone have trouble getting kits because of the pandemic?
  2. GaDawg

    New Wine Label

    My daughter created this new with label. It's vinyl and a bugger to remove. So I'll use them on bottler I don't think will be returned. For home use I have put some on cling/plastic wrap and cut them out. Static cling holds them to the bottle great and it takes about 1 second to remove them...
  3. GaDawg

    RJ Spagnols RJ Spagnols Cru Select Gewurztraminer

    I will make this kit next. It comes with elderflower for the primary. I also have 2 oz of extra elderflowe. Should I add extra, add it to 2nd fermentation or save it for another time? And how much should I add? Help please!
  4. GaDawg


    Do y'all buy or print your own labels. Where do you get them and/or what program do you use? Have you found a good free program?
  5. GaDawg

    John Irving

    In those predawn hours, which are the toughest for insomniacs, Melony would whisper, "Fifteen years." And just before she would fall asleep, she would ask, "Are you still there, Sunshine?" What is hardest to accept about the passage of time is that the people who once mattered the most to us...
  6. GaDawg

    Other Flume Blanc

    Has anyone added oak to a Sauvignon Blanc kit? If so which kit did you use and how much oak did you add and of course how did it turn out?
  7. GaDawg

    RJ Spagnols Started Peach Perfection

  8. GaDawg

    Cork Soaking...funny

  9. GaDawg

    Take a cab home if you are drinking

  10. GaDawg

    Other Kits on Deck

    I have 2 kits on deck and my last order was 3 kits. How many do y'all order and keep on deck?
  11. GaDawg

    Label prices?

    I think I want to do my own label. I've been using the free labels and they are nice but I am getting tired of the same labels, so I am trying to decide if I want to pay for my own label.How much do y'all pay for labels and what quantity do you buy per order? Thanks
  12. GaDawg

    WineXpert Eclipse Pinot Noir Oak

    For some unknown reason I did not put the powder oak in the primary[emoji42] Today I recked to a carboy and my SG is 1.000. I adder the oak (2 packs ) and stirred vigorously. How long do y'all think It will take at this point for the oak to give up the goods? I know oak in the primary doesn't...
  13. GaDawg

    Other Wine tasting made easy?

    https://winemakermag.com/764-wine-tasting-made-easy Great article from Winemaker Magazine.
  14. GaDawg

    Lalvin BM 4X4

    Has anyone used this yiest with white wine? How did it turn out?
  15. GaDawg

    Other SG With Grape Skins

    I take the beginning SG and take the 2nd SP the next day, and it is always higher. So I know that the grape skins increase the SP. Over say 7 to 10 days I squeeze the skins a couple times a day. I think the act of squeezing the skins add to the SG and the alcohol over that time, but about how...
  16. GaDawg

    WineXpert Island Mist Kiwi Pear

    I started my Island mist kiwi pear kit last night. I capitalized it to bring the S.G. Up to 1.085 and it took more sugar that I would have thought. I have been making OB kits and they seem to take less sugar? I added the bentonite with a sub. Blender. And this morning we have fermentation! This...
  17. GaDawg

    Other When do you start aging ?

    When talking about this wine is 12 mo. old. When do you start the clock? Is it from the time you pitch the yeast? When fermentation is complete ? When racking and clearing is done? When it has finished bulk aging? Or when it is bodied?
  18. GaDawg

    From china?

    Smithfield Farms, the largest pork producing farm in the USA was sold in September to China with the unanimous support of its stockholders!! The hogs will still be raised here, but slaughtered and packaged for sale there before being sent back here. This includes labels of: ·...
  19. GaDawg

    Other Orchard Breezin, Island Mist etc

    I have just bottled my RJS Watermelon Wave. I added 5 lbs of sugar. I am not a big fan of super sweet wine but my non wine friends seem to like it. What have or do ya'll make in this ?frute category? What do ya'll or the wife thank is good?:a1
  20. GaDawg

    paper airplane