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  1. David Violante

    Suggestions for adding some body to mead

    I made 5 gallons of mead back in June following a very basic recipe from an online meadery. I used 9# of raw honey to 4.5 gallons of water, and D47. It fermented to about 8.5% ABV. This was my first and I’m considering it a success. It turned out great but a little thin. When I make another I...
  2. David Violante

    Chaptalization during fermentation calculation

    I'm looking for a way to come up with the final potential ABV of my wine. The caveat is that I added sugar during fermentation as I realized that the original SG was fairly low. Yep. I should have just added up front. I did take readings along the way so I know what initial, pre- and...
  3. David Violante

    DeChaunac Recipe

    A friend of mine from a local vineyard has some DeChaunac for me this coming weekend and I was wondering if anyone has any recipe and or yeast suggestions. Morewine suggests BDX, SYR, MT, BM45 and RC212. I have some RC212 and D254. Any suggestions?
  4. David Violante

    Blackberry Concord Mix

    I'm going to be starting a blackberry concord mix as soon as my concords are ready and wanted to get some advice on the yeast to use. I currently have 71B, D47, RC212, and D254. I have just over 10 lbs of blackberries that I froze waiting for the grapes to ripen and should get a few pounds of...
  5. David Violante

    Hard Protrusion from Grape

    I've noticed this rather hard protrusion coming out of only a few of my Concord grapes (see below picture). It doesn't seem to affect the grape, and they are only on one per cluster and only a few clusters. Definitely not widespread. A google search gave me completely unrelated suggestions. It...
  6. David Violante

    Guess on what kind of grapes these are?

    Hello folks, I’m quite new here and enjoying the heck out of reading all the great information, stories, experiences, and thoughtful enjoyment of the art and craft. I just started making wine last year with a kit to start and then some Concord grapes from a local vineyard, and finally a mead...
  7. David Violante

    Mycoderma? My first try with grapes and not a kit.

    Hello everyone, this is my first try at winemaking with actual grapes and not a kit, and I have a question about what may be going on in the carboy. It is a concord recipe from ECKraus using local grapes from an established vineyard that I started in October 2019. The initial SG was 1.116, pH...