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    Peach Mead

    The recipe makes a 5 gallon batch. Here's the recipe from Anderson's book: 15 lb Fresh Ripe Peaches 4 lb clover honey 9 lb sugar 6 tsp Vinacid R (Acid Blend?) 6 Quarts hot water 3 cup yeast nutrient 3 tsp Yeast Nutrient 2 tsp pectic enzyme 4 tsp liquid tannin 8 campden tablets crushed 8...
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    Peach Mead

    The recipe calls for 15 lbs peaches and 4 lb clover honey as well as sugar. I thought about adding peach flavoring just prior to bottling. Do you think I should increase the peach content. Also what are thoughts on peeling peaches?
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    Peach Mead

    Thinking of using an Alberta they are plentiful in a few weeks.
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    Peach Mead

    Anyone tried a peach mead? Fresh Peaches are coming in in Georgia and I can pick my own. I have found a recipe in Anderson's book for Peach Mead. Anyone tried this recipe or similar?
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    Mosti Mondiale Do I need to add kmeta

    I have a MM Alljuice Cabernet that I began on January 1. It is in secondary fermentation and I am planning on aging 4-5more months. I am getting to rack again for the second time, do I need to add KMeta and how much?
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    Mosti Mondiale Bulk Aging MM All Juice Kit

    I have a MM alljuice Cabernet I want to age. It is currently in a six gallon carboy, but I am probably going to rack to two 3 gallons in the next month or so. I am looking at adding some oak spirals to this so is there an easy way to do that and how long do I need to age. Also would I need to...
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    all the bottles you'll ever need - free

    Try freecycle.org. While some have been onesies twosies. I have picked up more cases and multiples that onesies twosies. it's a great service. Picked up 4 cases from one individual over a three week period.
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    Mosti Mondiale Bulk Aginig

    thanks for the advice. My wife and i do like our wines on the sweeter side, this cab fermented out way to dry for our taste. I racked off the sediment several weeks ago and added the kmeta that was in the kit. It has been sitting nicely. So I should just let it stay in the carboy for a year then...
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    Mosti Mondiale Bulk Aginig

    I have a MM All Juice Cab Sauvignon. It was started on January 1. I was going to bottle in March but a friend suggested that I bulk age it for 1 year. That's fine, but a couple of questions - how often would I need to rack it? 2- would I need to add K-Meta on a regular basis? What is the...
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    sweetening Wines

    i have two batches of wine a Vintners Harvest Raspberry and a MM Cabernet Sauvignon that I want to sweeten before I bottle in a couple of weeks. The Raspberry calls for addition of Wine conditioner, but I have read that this stuff is not good to add to wine as it gives it an off taste. The...
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    Mosti Mondiale additinal oak in MM Cabernet

    My cabernet came with oak chips, will this be enough to give the Cabernet a great taste or should I add additional oak to the carboy?
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    Mosti Mondiale Topping Up Mosti Mondiale All Juice

    the extra did have an air lock on it but I am not sure what happened to it.
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    Mosti Mondiale Topping Up Mosti Mondiale All Juice

    I tilted the carboy and pulled the siphon out when the siphon started to get sediment in it. I will pick up some cabernet and pour into it to keep it topped up.
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    Mosti Mondiale Topping Up Mosti Mondiale All Juice

    okay I racked my MM Alljuice CAb last night but when I finished I had about 4 inches at the top of the carboy (I think since this was my first time racking off the sediment I may have lost some wine) and then the extra bottle that I had pulled off at the first racking had a weird smell so I...
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    Candy Cane wine Recipe

    Kat, There was a recipe on another wine making forum for Candy Cane Wine. I purchased 120 candy canes and as soon as I have an empty carboy and going to start a batch.
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    Mosti Mondiale MM Alluice Cabbernet sediment growth?

    maybe 1 1/2 to an 2 inches long but I do remember that some of the oak chips were kind of long as well.
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    Mosti Mondiale MM Alluice Cabbernet sediment growth?

    should be own any animals.
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    Mosti Mondiale MM Alluice Cabbernet sediment growth?

    it's kind of hard to take a picture because the wine is very dark and very little light. However I was using oak chips - could this be the problem? We don't any animals.
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    Mosti Mondiale MM Alluice Cabbernet sediment growth?

    I just came from down stairs checking on my wines and noticed that the sediment of my MM alljuice cab had some kind of dark strands in it. Is this normal? Is my wine ruined? Is this jjust part of the lees? I had just finished stirring it so that the oak would be evenly distributed. This is my...
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    Mosti Mondiale Quick Fermentation on MM Alljuice

    uavwmn, There are two other forums that i have found on the topic of winemaking. One is www.winepress.us and the other is www.winemakingtalk.com. Both have a lot of useful information, as does this site. As far as the candy cane, I only have two carboys and neither of my wines is quite ready...