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    Cantaloupe wine, good taste - bad smell. common?

    So a friend gave me a bunch of cantaloupes so of course I made wine. after fermenting and clearing and everything when it came time to bottle I gave it a taste test. The flavor was very mild, fortunately a little back sweetening help bring out the melon flavor but the smell is horrible. It...
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    A Program for Home Brew Wine Makers

    So I wanted a program that would help remind me of when I needed to rack my brews and keep track of inventory and after a google search I found they make them for beer but not for wine....so I decided to write one. It is just about finished now except for the help file... or at least it was...
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    any way to counteract sodium benzoate before fermentation?

    I normally make sweet red wine from grape juice for daily drinking with dinner, but the fun I have with wine making is from making different kinds of wines. using frozen fruit and juices, I've made lots of different kinds. Blueberry, cherry, mango, tropical passion fruit blend, cranberry...
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    popped corks of bottled bought wine

    I drink wine everyday with dinner and before I started brewing I used to drink Carlo Rossi Sweet red. Now I only drink my own stuff, but when I have company who aren't adventurous to drink homebrew I still serve it. I bought a jug and siphoned it into the same bottles I use for my own stuff so...