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    Apple cider..

    Hello everyone. I have been making hard cider for a couple of years now, and have tried a couple of methods and ingredients.. I have found my groove, and think that I have a good solid semi sweet cider with a cick(about 8 to 9 percent abv).. I have done some thinking, and I wonder if I could add...
  2. K

    Hard Apple Cider

    I am just curious to see what methods and ingredients everyone else uses to make hard apple cider, or apple wine. I have made apple wine for about 2 years now, and I like how it tastes, but I recently tried another wine that was alot lower in alcohol, and its taste was sweet and smooth, and it...
  3. K

    Yeast energizer/nutrient

    I have the urge to start a new batch of Maple wine, and I have all of the supplies except for yeast energizer.. can I start the batch without it, and then introduce the energizer in 3 or 4 days?? I love Maple wine, and I'm chomping at the bit to get it started, so that it will be ready to...
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    Maple Wine Recipes, anyone??

    I made Maple wine about a year ago, and it turned out excellent, but I just wondered what else can be done with the recipe.. I'm a curious person, I guess, and I like to try new things. Thanks. Kevin
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    Hello from upstate NY

    Hello. My name is Kevin. I have been browsing this site for 2 or 3 months now, and I really like the imput that is given with each post.. I have been making wine for about 2 years now, and in that time I've made everything from Maple wine to Elderberry wine, and most every fruit wine inbetween...
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    correction: Anchor yeast....

    I think I said arbor yeast in my last post, but I was actually refering to Anchor Yeast... Anyway, here is the site, if anyone wants the free sample, or just to check them out.... http://www.bioresearchonline.com/content/homepage/
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    Has anyone heard of ancor yeasts??

    I found this site recently that explained all the different strands that ancor yeast carries. Me, being a new wine maker, decided to try a couple of the strains in my own indevors. So, I asked for a sample, which I received a couple weeks later.. They sent me 2 -250gram samples! The only...
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    Has anyone made traditional Sake??

    Hey, I recently started a 1 gallon batch of Sake(made with only Koji, rice, water, and yeast). The batch is almost done, and it seems like it will be good.. we'll see.. Anyway, I just wanted to see if anyone else out there has tried this, and if so, do you have any tips, pointers, etc...
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    Mead Recipes, anyone??

    I recently made a 5 gallon batch of mead from white honey. It turned out excellent, but I am just wondering what it would taste like if I add some more ingredients next time(eg:spices, fruit, etc..). Does anyone have a good recipe I can use? Thanks.
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    Just bought a MiniJet! Worked great on my blueberry wine!!

    Hey, My name is Kevin. I've been making wine for about 2 years now, and I think I've tried every type of wine I can(except for some reds).. I love making specialty wines, such as Blueberry, Maple, Mead, and some Sake. I had never filtered until recently, when I noticed a slight bit of sediment...