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    Peach Mead

    Anyone tried a peach mead? Fresh Peaches are coming in in Georgia and I can pick my own. I have found a recipe in Anderson's book for Peach Mead. Anyone tried this recipe or similar?
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    Mosti Mondiale Do I need to add kmeta

    I have a MM Alljuice Cabernet that I began on January 1. It is in secondary fermentation and I am planning on aging 4-5more months. I am getting to rack again for the second time, do I need to add KMeta and how much?
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    Mosti Mondiale Bulk Aging MM All Juice Kit

    I have a MM alljuice Cabernet I want to age. It is currently in a six gallon carboy, but I am probably going to rack to two 3 gallons in the next month or so. I am looking at adding some oak spirals to this so is there an easy way to do that and how long do I need to age. Also would I need to...
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    Mosti Mondiale Bulk Aginig

    I have a MM All Juice Cab Sauvignon. It was started on January 1. I was going to bottle in March but a friend suggested that I bulk age it for 1 year. That's fine, but a couple of questions - how often would I need to rack it? 2- would I need to add K-Meta on a regular basis? What is the...
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    sweetening Wines

    i have two batches of wine a Vintners Harvest Raspberry and a MM Cabernet Sauvignon that I want to sweeten before I bottle in a couple of weeks. The Raspberry calls for addition of Wine conditioner, but I have read that this stuff is not good to add to wine as it gives it an off taste. The...
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    Mosti Mondiale additinal oak in MM Cabernet

    My cabernet came with oak chips, will this be enough to give the Cabernet a great taste or should I add additional oak to the carboy?
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    Mosti Mondiale Topping Up Mosti Mondiale All Juice

    okay I racked my MM Alljuice CAb last night but when I finished I had about 4 inches at the top of the carboy (I think since this was my first time racking off the sediment I may have lost some wine) and then the extra bottle that I had pulled off at the first racking had a weird smell so I...
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    Mosti Mondiale MM Alluice Cabbernet sediment growth?

    I just came from down stairs checking on my wines and noticed that the sediment of my MM alljuice cab had some kind of dark strands in it. Is this normal? Is my wine ruined? Is this jjust part of the lees? I had just finished stirring it so that the oak would be evenly distributed. This is my...
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    Mosti Mondiale Quick Fermentation on MM Alljuice

    Fellow winemakers, I began my MM Alljuice Cabernet Sauvignon last tuesday. I followed the instructions, mixed the bentonite, pitched the yeast. On the 9th which was friday, the SG had dropped to 1.020 below the recommended 1.040-1.050 for racking but I went ahead and racked it in and left a...
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    Mosti Mondiale Snap down lid or lay on top

    I began my mosti All juice Cab last night. It says to snap down the lock with an air lock, however my primary fermenter lid is a pain to get on and off. Can I just lay the lid on top with an airlock? We have no pets in the house and the wine area is in our basement with no pests the only thing...
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    Time to rack again?

    Okay I checked on my raspberry wine this evening. The SG is a .990 but it hass a lot of active bubbles coming up and the air lock is moving like crazy. The one gallon that I had extra has a SG of 1.030 and has no bubbles. IS it time to rerack these into clean containers off the lees?
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    Candy Cane Wine Recipe

    i read on another forum that Winemaker magazine had a recipe for Candy Cane Christmas Wine - anyone have the recipe they could send me or another recipe that gives the specifics - number of canes, acid blend, enzymes, etc. I bought 120 candy canes yesterday and want to start a batch for next...
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    Replacing Fresh Fruit in Wine with Vintner's Harvest Base

    I am wanting to make a batch of raspberry wine, however Rapsberries were too expensive so I ordered a Vintner's Harvest Fruit Base to use. Can I just replace the fresh fruit with the base and follow the same recipe (which called for 15 lbs of frozen raspberries) or do I need to tweak the recipe?
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    Northern Virginia Winemaker

    I found this forum through the wine store I purchased my very first kit from this past week. The kit has arrived and I will begin my very first batch of Cabernet Sauvignon as well as starting a batch of raspberry fruit wine from frozen fruit. I live in Northern Virginia in Fairfax County...
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    cleaner substitution

    Okay, here is the deal. Someone gave me some primary fermenters a year or so ago. They also gave me a hydrometer, etc, as well as b brite cleanser. I had this stored for some time and now am getting ready to make my first batch of wine and went to use the cleanser last night and it is hard as...