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    New iPhone App for Wine Calcs

    I've just released a native iPhone app version of my website wineadds.com. It has all of the calculators and conversions that the website offers, with the addition of a fortification calculator that allows the option of simultaneously targeting a final Alc and RS. With the app you can also...
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    Calculating additions on your iPhone

    Attention hipsters, calculating enology additions on your iPhone or iPod Touch just got better (and cheaper.) WineAdds.com is now sporting an iPhone-optimized version that was built to look, feel and behave like an app. It runs in your Safari browser, so you can bookmark it to your home screen...
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    Calculating additions on your iPhone

    Hi all, Wanted to let you all know that I've crated an iPhone-optimized mobile version of WineAdds.com for all you hipsters who want to calculate adds on your phones. It looks and feels like an app, but it's not... it runs in the Safari browser, so just go to http://WineAdds.com on your...
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    New online tool to calculate wine additions

    Hi All, I wanted to let you know about a website I put together that calculates common additions to wines -- it's http://wineadds.com. My goal is that it be useful to home winemakers and professional winemakers alike, so feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please check it out! Stu
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    New to the community

    Hi all, Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm a winemaker and web progammer fro CA. Looking forward to browsing the forums! Stu