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    Best sugar for back sweetening?

    A simple syrup of cane sugar.
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    MLF without any monitoring

    Hey Yanick, Nice to hear from someone who made wines with his Pop. Italian / Slovenian here. When I inoculate MLF, I never test for it, what's the point, just wait 3 months before racking again. Me and my brothers and cousins started taking over the wine making from our aging fathers about 10...
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    checking SG in must

    Turkey baster into cylinder.
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    Dogs and Grapes

    Yeah it's strange. Most of the vineyards I've been to here and up north have vineyard dogs with permanently stained purple snouts. Great looking pup, hope all is well.
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    Operation Massa Family Red - Muscat-Alicante-Zinfandel

    Many many micro climates in Amador, El Dorado (where I grew up) and Placer counties - which is important to know when buying property up there! The zip code at my ranch is EIEIO. We just picked, destemmed, crushed, pressed and put into the fermenter 12 gallons of Rose' from some decent CS and...
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    2020 is happening.

    Hahaha I planned on 1,000lbs....ended up with 2,000. Too much beautiful fruit I couldn't pass up. The best thing I did this year: Whole berry fermentation, started naturally, minimally augmented (because I'm chicken), and soft punch downs. Very happy with the results.
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    Thank you everyone. My first wine.

    That looks great! If you can squirrel away a couple bottles of your DB for 12 to 18 months, you'll taste a big improvement.
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    High Specific Gravity

    The ABV is down to personal preference. I personally wouldn't dilute strictly out of fear of a stuck fermentation. Avante would plow through it - if you're in SLO county I could drop some off to you.
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    2020 is happening.

    Yes they are, in both El Dorado and Placer counties - I am picking up 250 lbs of some beautiful looking Malbec fruit tomorrow here in San Luis Obispo county. This season has produced some great fruit.
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    Testing glasses...

    That's a lot fancier then my mason jars!
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    2020 is happening.

    Wow that is a beautiful color.
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    Roussanne, when you least expect it...

    Hey Aaron, Welcome to the El Dorado county grape harvest lol! I have a ranch in Somerset where we have made wine for the last 10 years and between there and Fairplay there are many vineyards that cater to the home wine maker just drive around and ask - you'll be pleasantly surprised. Good luck...
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    2020 Barrel; The best Merlot heavy, Bordeaux blend possible

    In my very short experience: 1.) You can't make great wine from sh*tty grapes. 2.) Blending helps a lot. 3.) Time helps even more. Apologies stating the painfully obvious - been there done that!
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    Punching down the cap..

    Sounds like something I'll try next season with Merlot or PN.
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    Punching down the cap..

    Stickman thank you. The Ridge Wine website provides very interesting information for each varietal in the "Winemaking" drop down box. I like their "minimal intervention philosophy ".
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    Wine fault

    How about cutting it 50/50 with some cheap white (dry or sweet) and Frankensteining into a summer-day patio pounder.
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    One of my uncles has always fermented his Chardonnay on the skins - "orange wine" - it's good.
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    crushing grapes - a question.

    I picked up 250 lbs of this Cab Franc this morning from a vineyard that harvests with a Pellenc 8090 which picks, destemms, and sorts directly into the bin. This fruit is substantially intact and I will ferment it as-is without any further crush or punch.
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    CA Central Coast

    That looks great - beautiful barrel!
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    CA Central Coast

    Thank you Chuck. I have a daughter, son in law and grandson in Hobart, IN and inlaws in Munster, IN. Unlike my Bay Area over-seas family, my gear is pretty ho hum, but here's some pics from the last week. I wonder if there is a "Show Us Your Set Up" thread anywhere. I'd be interested in seeing...