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  1. RussG

    Stupid or brilliant?

    Well congrats on moving on to your next chapter. 20 years in IT and I'm actively planning my escape. Good to see someone made it over the fence.
  2. RussG

    First try

    Taste as you go but keep in mind that the wine is changing as time goes on. Sugars are getting turned to alcohol, flavors will change as residual matter settles at the bottom of the fermenter. My first wine was destined for the sink drain until about 5-6 months when it became pretty awesome.
  3. RussG

    First try

    First off, welcome to wine making. There are a lot of options here. I started with peach and watermelon. Then tried cherries, strawberries, dragon wine (raided the frozen fruit section at the store) and eventually did my first grape wine (a field blend) last year. Find a mixture that sounds...
  4. RussG

    HomebrewSupply.com Italian Floor Corker Giveaway!

    Italian Floor Corker Giveaway Signed up Shared you with friends (That just sounds worse than it is) Followed you on Instagram Followed you on Pinterest Thank you for my new floor corker. I have a few cases to bottle this month. :h
  5. RussG

    The HomeBrewSupply Wine Kit Giveaway!

    I just signed up and would love the Winemakers trio kit please. :dg
  6. RussG

    All in One Wine Pump Giveaway!

    Since I have been doing everything via gravity I could really use this. :db
  7. RussG

    New fermentation

    I have a peach watermelon wine that has been in the fermenter for five months. It's been pretty quiet for the last month or two but today, I walk in and see little bubbles appear in the carboy. I wine thiefed a sample and the flavor is still good. Checked the gravity. 1.010. Wine pH 3.2. I'm...
  8. RussG

    Wine without skins

    The juice I live close to Lodi and there is a company (California Concentrates) that works with some of the farms there. During the harvest they sell off the juice fresh for four weekends. So it is wine grape juice. I bought a red blend Merlot\Syrah blend and a French Colombard but they also...
  9. RussG

    Wine without skins

    I purchased wine grape juice without skins from a wine concentrate company. How will that effect the wine?