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    Does the PH of the after matter?

    Hi guys, I've been making wine for a while and never thought to check the PH of the water I'm using in kits. Apparently my RO water filter at home which also has a mineral stage to add them back in... is producing water around a PH of 9. Considering as I have about 1000 bottles made with this...
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    Vineco Signature Nebbiolo

    I just finished fermentation, they gave 60G of oak dust (Powder) and 90G of American oak cubes, does this not seem excessive? Typically most kits give 30G oak cubes. At any rate I’m thinking to use one of my 50G hungarian oak staves. Has anyone made a Nebbiolo with American oak before?
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    Cheap kit clearing time

    ive noticed that most high end kits with skins take about 10-12 months to clear on their own to ensure that you don’t end up with sediment in the bottle. What would you say is the clearing time is for cheaper kits though? So far I’m finding about 6 months without clearing agents on the cheaper...
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    White ring around carboy/surface of the wine

    I’m almost 100% sure this is a protein haze since I squeeze the crap out of the skins bag, plus the wine tastes fine. Will the protein haze settle out over the next year and a few rackings? Will it do anything to the wine over time? If I spin the carboy a little bit It goes back into the wine...
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    Adding fresh skins to kits

    I ran into someone that was telling me to start buying some wine grapes and putting them right in there with the kits. They said i can crush them up with my hands, than freeze them and add them when I’m ready. I was thinking a potatoe masher in a 5 gallon bucket might do the trick, however how...
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    COVID-19 and wine kit retailers

    My favourite retailer is having a sale next month, in the middle of a pandemic do you think they will close the wine kit stores? Are wine kit supply stores considered grocery stores?
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    cellar craft discontinued?

    http://vinecowine.com/ What the hell? 14L is the new premium kit? Where is walla walla Washington? And the others?!?
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    Carboy Bung Removal Tool

    Has anyone seen a tool that removes the solid rubber carboy bungs with the drilled holes? They seem impossible to remove, needle nose pliers tend to chew up the bung a bit. I’m using #9 bungs.
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    Cellar Craft Fans, Whats your favorite kit?

    The CC carmenere and the California Cab Sav are stellar after a year, and better at 1.5 years, as is the Rosso fortissimo. The Rosso has a funk though the wife isn't a fan of, I believe it's a heavy cassis which I enjoy, it's unlike any other wine I've tried. All three kits were made without an...
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    Vented Bungs SO2 test

    Hi guys, it appears that the silicone vented bungs with the flapper on top perform better than the Hollow rubber bungs with the S airlock. While there are a lot of variables and I wasn’t actually planning to conduct a test, that data I had collected had some interesting results that I couldn’t...
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    Anyone try Hungarian oak Sticks?

    I've been using these 1" by 1" by 8" long Hungarian oak sticks, about 50g each. Has anyone else used these? I've been loving the flavor so far I'm just curious as to how much longer extraction takes compared to cubes. They seem to release slower.
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    What’s wrong with whipping to degas?

    I would love to get a vacuum pump but for the cost I can get a pretty decent wine kit so I haven’t ever convinced myself to get one. I don’t mind whipping the wine really, however is there any benefit to using a pump or a brake bleeder? I typically switch drill directions right before the wine...
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    Oak Chips and cubes (sanatization)

    Hi Guys, I’m just wondering what most do for oak chips in the primary and cubes in the secondary. Typically i just toss the oak chips in the primary without anything else, I’ve been doing this for years with no issues. Once fermentation is done thats when more attention has be given to...
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    Juice buckets vs Concentrate

    Those of you that have done both, would you say that juice buckets age slower than concentrates? What about clearing...red wine kits/cencenteate will clear on their own, are juice buckets any different?
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    Juice buckets vs Kits

    Hi guys, Some background information, I've done tons of kits over the past few years and I think I have a pretty good procedure. Essentially i toss the instructions, ferment to dry in the bucket and skip racking to a secondary fermentator. I put the lid on the bucket with an airlock about after...
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    Wine Kit Sadness

    Does anyone get a bit depressed when you are close or finished drinking a excellent wine that has been aging for a few years? Say a limited edition kit that you will never find again. I Mean sure...you can make more but it takes a long time to age and the limited edition kits you will never find...
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    Racking schedule without clearing agents

    It seems that if I’m bulk aging for a year, racking every 3 months adds up to quite a few rackings over this period...it’s basically 5 if you include the initial racking from primary. Is it possible or even advisable to extend a racking to 6 months if there is say 1/4” sediment? There may be...
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    Adding sulphites before or after racking

    Rookie question but say I’m at 25PPM sulfite, should I be adding sulphites before I rack or after? Most will say before, however how exactly are you supposed to add it before without stirring it in or otherwise distributing the sediment.
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    What filter pads to use on reds

    Are the #2 filter pads suitable for use? I’m attempting to bottle some of my first batches without clearing agents sand I want to ensure there is no sediment in the bottle. I usually use #3 pads with the buon vino mini jet for reds, however they don’t seem to do very much at all, they still let...
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    How do you know when ready to bottle?

    Lately I’ve been bulk aging longer and skipping clearing agents on red. How do I know when it’s ready to bottle and done throwing sediment? I have a super Tuscan that has been bulk aging for 6 months without clearing Agents, except for bentonite in primary and tannin complex during aging. How do...